The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Primordial Magic is initiated through the Proto Element of Intention. This is part of the Magic Art
of the Ancients. In this case, if the Magician uses the Intention to influence a specific Object, it
will be as follows: The Magician will awaken the Intention through an Impulse from Darkness
(Proto Element Darkness), will direct to the Proto-Source (Proto Element Flame), then will take
the required form, depending on the specific situation (Proto Element Chaos) and then will reach
the Object, the purpose of the Magic Act (this refers to Proto Element Water). In that case, the
Object became the target of this Magic Act, there is nothing he can do to change his status. Magic
Acts initiated through Intention are final. An ordinary magician cannot magically defend himself
against an Adept in control of Intention. Only Magicians who are Adepts of the Flame can
adequately reflect such a Magic Act.
For magicians who do not control the Flame, but are trained or worse - (self-trained) in magical
traditions originating from God-centered systems, such as ceremonial magic, Kabbalah, paganism,
chaos magic, and other modern "new age" well-sold materials, it remains to act with more lowly
effective means that have no primordial origin. These so-called magicians can work at a lower
level, at the "mind-heart" level. They work with suggestion and self-suggestion. They convince
the mind of the Object of the magic act that he is bewitched or give him material for reflection to
convince him, in other words, to suggest to himself that he is bewitched. This is very similar to the
placebo and nocebo effects. In the same way, the magician changes his consciousness by
convincing himself (or in other words, self-suggesting) that he is successfully bewitching his
Object of interest. This method is effective on a mental and emotional level, but has one
fundamental disadvantage - it is based on faith. There are no roots, no real basis. The Source cannot
be accessed. That is why the results of this type of magician, followers of God-centric systems are
short-lived and imperfect. Such magicians are like leaves blown away by the wind - some end up
without faith and deviate from the Path of Magic, others go to the other extreme and lose their
minds, go crazy and remain forever anchored on a particularly dangerous section of the road
without being able to return or go ahead.


Darkness. Intention. Flame. Chaos. Water. The Five Proto-Elements are found throughout the
Universe and are fundamental pillars in the Arts of the Black Adepts.
The Five Proto-Elements are the foundations of Antiquity. The Magician sees the Proto-Elements
all around him, contained in everything. Thus he reaches the essence of things and discovers the
hidden name of everything. The Five Proto-Elements are contained overtly and implicitly
throughout Magic Art, as we will see later in this book and in particular in the Structure of the
Magic Act.

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