The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

There is plenty written about the Five Proto-Elements in other books of the Brotherhood. Here we
will briefly describe only the main cycles, which are the Circle of Proto-Elements, the Chain of
Proto-Elements, and the Pentagram of Proto-Elements.

The Circle of the Proto Elements is as follows: Darkness-Intention-Flame-Chaos-Water-

This is the cycle of Creation. The cycle of life.

"The bodies of the man and woman are in peace Darkness. The man develops an Impulse, a
sexual desire which passes into an Intention the phallus fills with blood. The bodies touch each
other, and the man enters the woman Flame. The following act and the climax are the principles
of the Chaos. The phallus softens, and the womb is filled with seed. A new life is forming Water
from which everything comes and all forms become. From the womb along with water is born the

Book of Absolute Darkness - Elements: 12

Darkness is birth. Intention is youth, growth. Flame is maturity. Chaos is old age, erosion. Water
is the end of form, death.

Darkness is the birth of an idea. Intention is the impulse, the pursuit of realization. Flame is the
decision made. Chaos is the immediate execution of a decision. Water is the result.

"The Darkness is the soil. The Intention is the juice that flows from the tree. The Flame is the roots
and the stem part hidden, and part evident. The branches and leaves are the Chaos. The fruit
that the tree bears, is the Water. ”

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