The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1



Who regrets his actions concentrates on the past. A decision must be executed immediately. You
ask me what is an abyss? It is abyss to make a decision and postpone its implementation. This
weakens the will. Your ability to invoke Intention also weakens. The very fact that you have chosen
to study the Magician`s Path means that you are not like other people. It neither makes you better
than them nor makes you worse. It just makes you different. So do not excuse yourself for being
different and accept the Path you have chosen for yourself with all its peculiarities. People have
the right to choose and almost always act emotionally and therefore often regret what they have
done. The Magician serves the Flame and acts on the principle of Necessity. He performs the
Magic Act as part of his service and therefore never regrets anything done. Just fulfill his Mission.
One may naively think that man has more freedom because he is given the right to choose. This is
an illusion. Although with the right to choose - for man there is only one real choice and that is to
ultimately choose the Flame. True freedom comes only when you accept the Mission.


Anyone who has been introduced to study the Art of Magic should be interested in various magical
systems, to search constantly. But do not copy literally, but always explicate and interpret. True
control over the Skill is achieved when you build your own system. The very idea of the Art of
Magic is to transform, not to copy. Those who follow foreign systems that are not transmitted to
them directly by their respective Adepts and those who only read and copy will gain a lot of food
for the mind and will become very competent to comment and philosophize. These will be some
connoisseurs who are extremely far from the essence of Magic Art. Therefore, one of the first
things an Apprentice in the Art of Magic of the Black Adepts studied was how to do occult
translation and interpretation and magical translation and interpretation. Therefore, there is no way
to copy and imitate Rituals or Spells in the Black Brotherhood's Magical Teaching System, as each
Disciple should apply the Rituals in his own way, create them based on a "structure" and create
his Spells and other magical methods completely alone, relying on the Principles. He cannot and
may not use someone else's spell... as it will be not his own and will not be intended for him. It
will not serve him because he did not weave it himself.


Knowing yourself is a great danger because you are not yet who you could be. The Magician not
only does not have to know himself, but he also has to forget about himself. Erase everything you
think you know. Everything they taught you and everything you believed in. None of this can help
you on the Path of Art of Magic. You have to start from scratch, otherwise, you will never have
access to the Sacred Knowledge, because you will pollute it with other people's opinions, theories,
and whatever else - all unnecessary. Knowing yourself deprives you of the opportunity to be
surprised. It is essential to know the Flame, not yourself because the Flame is the gateway to

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