The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

he will make human, not scholar, mistakes. Human errors are Principle errors that have
consequences and obscure the scholar`s consciousness. When Apprentices get together, they don't
have to waste time talking nonsense, courtesies, gossip, and other typical human activities. They
have to practice what they have learned. Only after the practice comes the time for a discussion on
occult issues about the material being studied. After practice, minds are turned off, and then it can
be discussed more productively.



From what you have learned, you will undoubtedly derive many advantages for yourself. But if
you start studying Art of Magic only with this attitude - to gain advantages for yourself - you will
reach a dead end. Learn with the clear idea that one day you will have to pass on this Knowledge
and experience. The Art of Magic cannot be kept just for you, but in the meantime, it cannot be
shared with everyone. This is the price of being part of this constant stream of possibilities called
Magic Art - you have to move on. To pass it on. Those who begin to study Magic only for personal
purposes, only immerse themselves in the river, enough to get wet and cold, but never manage to
reach the sea. This can only happen when you pass on what you have learned and secure the
offspring of your lineage.


The true study of the Art of Magic requires the suspension of the thought process and the fall of
consciousness into Emptiness. Only then the Apprentice can understand what "switching" is. There
are many methods to achieve this and will be discussed in detail in some of the following books.
Here we will laconically say that all these methods are based on the Proto-Elements and mainly
on the Intention. Until you stop your mind, you will learn nothing - you can only read,
philosophize, think and delude yourself that you are practicing magic and occult sciences, but in
fact, you have just found a new game for your mind. Stopping the mental dialogue in yourself is
extremely important, because, without this condition, we cannot achieve a successful Magic Act.
If we have to portray this idea more illustratively, let's say that the Magic Act is like scoring a goal
in soccer. Opponent players are all your unnecessary thoughts that run into your head and prevent
you from scoring a goal. When you summon the Intention, you stop your mental process, you stop
your inner voice, and so all the players on the football field disappear and you are left alone against
the empty gate and you can score a goal, with other words said - to perform the Magic Act. After
the cessation of the mind, sometimes Magic Acts occur even spontaneously because there is
nothing to oppose the Will, on its way to the goal. The thoughts that the mind produces are like a
stream. In this flow, there is a sequence, a chronology. There is time. Thoughts usually do not
come together, but one after another. When you stop this flow, you also stop time, and now every
Intention of yours becomes a Law and is accomplished because there is nothing to oppose it.

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