The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1


Morning. Day. The day of man. The afternoon is coming. The Sun sets. Night comes and man
leaves. Each day the same. Thus man remains forgotten. He followed the rules of the world. It is
said in the Book:

"A World where the Sun shines during only part of the day ain’t Real. Every World has its own
Sun, though not everyone is Real. There is one true World the Proto-Ancient Black Homeland
and all the rest are its resemblances."

Book of the Ancient Serpent - The Ancient Homeland: 9

To get out of a human`s time, you have to shine once and for all like the Sun but never set. When
others leave, you have to keep shining. People serve their ideas as long as they are pleased. The
Adept-Magician serves the Flame and the Mission unreservedly. Serves day and night. He serves
until he burns in this Sun in which he has become. Thus the story becomes a legend. Whoever
becomes the Sun never leaves the Mission. He continues to serve as a guide for all Occult
Disciples. This is the Adept for humanity - an inextinguishable Sun and his legend is yet to be told
and will never be forgotten.



For the Apprentice, the World is a great equation and he constantly corrects and edits it. Not
because there is always a need for change, but because the Apprentice lives in the spirit of change.
Also, the Apprentice is looking for smaller equations to solve them magically. He passes through
his mind a huge number of creatures - people, animals, phenomena, dream images - and observes
who needs help and who should be helped. Observe for weeds that should be eradicated. Thus the
Apprentice enters into real magical battles every day. The equations he found gave purposes to his
Magic Acts, gave the purpose of his every day, gave a purpose for his mission. They gave him the
energy to go to bed and wake up as a child filled with amazement and trembling from each new
day, which turns into an indescribable adventure. An adventure that people can't understand.
Without solving magic equations every day, the Apprentice loses the aspiration. His Magic Acts
lose their purpose. His Path loses direction. The true Apprentice of Magic Art is constantly looking
for the solution of the equations. Constantly fills the gaps.


The Magician is able to unravel all kinds of problems and mysteries. Invisible problems. Hidden
problems. It can also create problems and puzzles to solve later. The Magician is a mathematician
by heart. Whoever understands this will always find the exact purpose in which to harness his
magical activity and his Magic Acts will always be successful. And after each success will come
new trials and challenges. This is what keeps the Apprentice on course. Constantly solving puzzles
and problems indicates to the Apprentice the empty niches that can be occupied. Thus the

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