The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Apprentice finds new ways of deciphering, interpreting, and expanding the Teachings of the Black
Brotherhood. When a person in the world finds a way to solve a problem that affects many people
and fills a new market niche, he acquires enormous material wealth. When a Magician solves a
mystery, a problem concerning many Souls, he becomes a Master the Art of Magic. The Adept is
the one who has perfectly mastered a Magic System. The Master is the one who creates a new
Magic System and teaches the Adepts. But the one starts this Path being an Apprentice and solving
esoteric, magical, and other mysteries every day. This is the motto of every Apprentice of Magic

  • "every day and every night."


The Magician clearly sees the Hidden and does not lose the opportunity to collect each seed of
separate Energy. People do not have developed a magical vision and therefore do not take
advantage of the seeds. The Magician eats the fruit and then sows the seeds. Therefore, one who
is dedicated to the Art of Magic should observe and capture moments that are elusive to others.
The crashing waves of the sea. The flowing mountain stream. Waterfalls. Dawn and Dusk. The
storm. The night wind. The burning flame of the candle. The hunting cat before the attack.
Children's laughter. A mother mourning her dead child. The sigh of the old man, remembering his
early childhood. The gaze of the one who met and passed away with his death. The walk and the
footsteps of the one who has no home and family. The days between summer and autumn - summer
is gone, but autumn has not yet come - then the wind tells stories of other dimensions for those
who can see.


Most people have developed the right half of the body. That's half that belongs to the mind. When
one has to reach out and grab a specific object, one often has to choose to do it with the right or
left hand. Of course, everyone uses the "comfortable" hand (in this case the right, unless he is left-
handed). By "comfortable" hand we understand the one with which the man created the habit for
work and thus neglected the other hand, which he uses not very often. In this way, a lot of hidden
potential remains on the left side of the body. The mind works in the right part of the body, and
those hidden possibilities remain in the left. The mind always has to choose between two things.
This is the plane of the mind - the number Two. In this line of thought, there are many sports that
primarily develop the mind - tennis, fencing, throwing a spear or cannonball in Olympic disciplines
... On the other hand, for musical instruments, two hands are needed to develop skills, which is
why the musician often has developed a Magical Sense. This is especially true for the piano, where
the two hands should be equal in skills. The Apprentice should develop the unfolded hidden page
to turn on the Magical Consciousness. This can be practiced by starting to intentionally do
everything with the left hand. Thus the Apprentice reaches a new world. He faces new sensations,
new tasks, new problems. If until then the Apprentice was One and was only obliged to do almost
everything with the right hand because he was clumsy with the left, now he is Two - he can use
both hands. Why is this important? Because now he created the Choice.
The study of the hidden part is not limited to the left half of the body. The Apprentice can put a
bandage on his eyes and do the housework depending on the sensation of his touch and his hearing.

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