The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

This will slow him down not because he does not see, but because he cannot remember. He doesn't
remember because his eyes made him lazy. In reality, eyes take a look once when they see
something for the first time, then they can only be used as a reminder. This exercise exclusively
develops memory and Awakeness. Increase Magical Perception.
Another exercise is for the Apprentice to put earplugs in his ears so he will be not able to hear
anything. He can just use his eyes. So the lazy eyes, start observing and seeing things that were
previously hidden. Things that were transmitted through hearing and therefore the eyes did not
need to be so active.
Always when one element of human consciousness is isolated, the others start to develop. This is
also a method of passing into a Magical State of Consciousness.


When people see something they like, they want to share it with everyone. The Occult Disciple,
when he finds something valuable, evaluates it by sharing it with a few - only the chosen. People
act in the obvious - so others understand their plans before they are accomplished and often fail
them by accumulating unnecessary thoughts aimed at the plan. The Apprentice acts in the Hidden,
in the Unknown, and thus finds a direction where all others are lost. When people learn about your
activities, they will focus a lot of thoughts on you and this will be an additional barrier. When
people do not address their polluted thoughts to you, you gain ease. Be careful who you make think
of you and how. The eagle flies high where people do not look at - that is why it is the master of
the sky. The shark stands in the depths of the sea, away from humans, and is, therefore, the master
of the sea. The jaguar stands far from the villages where there are people and is, therefore, the
master of the forest. Think of the Art of Magic as a priceless treasure. If you have a treasure, you
would be careful who you tell so you don't get robbed. Be careful with whom you share about your
activities in the Art of Magic. The Secret by itself has magical powers. Through the secret, the
Magician gains magical power. A Secret that has been shared is no longer a secret. Therefore, it
should not be disclosed to anyone. It can only be hinted at to the worthy. To the Chosen ones. Then
there is a sharing of the Hidden and the Secret takes root and becomes a mystery. The Secret is
known only by the Invisibles. The Magician is invisible to humans, but he sees and notices
everything, down to the smallest detail. The Magician avoids being the center of interest, does not
boast or self-promotion. He does his best not to attract attention. As a rule, the Apprentice is quiet
and observant - never loud and noisy. Avoids unnecessary conversations. He is not talkative. A
Magician may pass you by and without being noticed. An Adept may live near you and you will
not know who he is and what he is doing.



The Magic Act is mostly a work of time, time circumvention, time stopping, or time slowing down
or accelerating. The Magician must not be in the time, but to create it. Time controls man, and the
Magician controls time. Therefore, in a sense, when a Magic Act is performed directed at a specific
Object of human nature, the Magician does not affect the person in particular, but his time. When

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