The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

can you influence the time of others? When you are out of time. This is done by controlling the
Flame. The Magician is not part of someone else's time - he creates people's time. The more you
create time, the further you move away from it. When you create a new World, a new history, you
create the time of your creation. If you don't create anything, you become part of someone else's
story and part of someone else's time. Dangerous trap. That is why the Magician realizes the
importance not only to transform and edit the Reality but also to create completely new creations.


The Magician must erase his own story so that there is no human evidence for him. No known
past. Thus he remains unknown and every moment belongs to him. When there is a history, other
people can find it out and thus possess parts of Magician`s past or experience. This weakens the
Concentration. The Magician has no known past - no parents, no hometown. He has no future. He
has only now. So, delete your own history. "My name is... I am ... years old. I'm from this town,
my parents are named... I'm studying this and working that..." Is that you? If you want to become
a Magician, you have to start from scratch. No name, no origin. No story. Anyone who has a story
needs to share it and tell it to others. To be displayed. Thus, whoever has a history becomes
discoverable, visible. Who has no history cannot be found. He becomes inaccessible to others.
They cannot see and understand him. But the Magician sees everyone in a special hidden way. For
the average person, every day is a burden, because every day he has to defend his story, the image
he has built for others - what he is, what he is not, what he can do and what he cannot do. Every
day is a struggle to defend these views and to "sell" them to others. In this "sale" he receives energy
that nourishes him and gives him a false sense of self-worth. An image that is not real and if a
storm of life comes to test it, it will fall apart instantly. The Magician, on the other hand, is
something new every day. Adventure. Every day the Magician rediscovers something new, just
like children who have no past, and every day is a game that is a lesson and a lesson that is a game.
That is why people live in Actuality and the Magician lives in Reality. A Magician for whom
everyone knows his history knows how he acts, what he does, what he does becomes a very
predictable Magician. A predictable Magician can sometimes mean complete failure. Such do not
survive for long. The lack of history is precisely the keeping of secrecy. And keeping a Secret is
what the Magician draws strength from. For those who have a history and constantly maintain it
in front of others, first, they lose a lot of energy in these acts and the thoughts of others are focused
on the Magician and keep him captive. They take away his freedom. Erasing the traces, the history,
all the images we have created gives us freedom. True freedom. Then there are no more lies and
delusions... because there can be no lies because there is no history. Everything is being written
at the moment, so the lie cannot catch up with him.


The Magician has no future. He creates it but is not present in it. If you desire something in the
World of men - you create a future in the World of men. If you make a promise, you create a future.
If you act unreasonably and if you tip the scales to someone's disadvantage, you will create yourself
a future in the World. Every going beyond Correctness and Flawlessness creates a future. The
future is a trap for you. The people of the world are always looking for their future and that's why

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