The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

they make plans. That's why they are forever missing. They are unreal. Just like the Shadows. The
future is unrealistic measure. There is no such thing as a future - whenever the future comes, it
comes as the present. That is why the future is always illusory and never happens. It is the realm
of human thoughts, dreams, and illusions. The Magician is striving for what is Real, the Absolute
Constant. This is Antiquity. Therefore, for the Magician, the future is not in front of him, but
behind him, because it is unclear. What is ahead of the Magician is his way back to the Ancient
Homeland from which he originated. That is why the Magician is engaged in his Mission - this is
the Path to Antiquity.


The Magician does not look at himself as "I" but as "he/she". He is not calling himself "I", but he
calls himself by name. Your secret name. Thus the Magician looks at himself from the side
constantly and can always correct himself. This is what it means to forget the untrue images you
have built with the help of society and to be completely free. There is no more "I". Thus you
become the one who is chosen to be. You are aware of your personal Mission. When the Magician
comes out of himself and looks away, he begins to perceive himself as part of everything else, not
as "myself." Who keeps too much to "I am" becomes a target, has always something to lose, and
sooner or later he will feel an arrow aimed at him. This happens when our attention is focused only
on ourselves - who we are, whether people like us, whether we are good enough, whether we are
successful and so on. Once we remove the attitude towards ourselves as "I", there are no delusions
and differences for the Magician - he sees everything very clearly. There are no near and far. There
are not people who he avoids and others who are his favorites. He clearly sees the Energy structure
of everything - the Flame in its "center" and the Energy that enters and leaves each object. This is
how Clarity comes - when there is no "I". When you step aside. Take a step into the Dark


The Magician knows that every day can be the last, so he always makes "requests" for tomorrow.
This is how he maintains the river of time. Live as if every day the World can end, time can stop,
your life might end. Don't do meaningless things that don't make sense every day. Do what turns
your mind into the Sun (see Principle Three). Man wastes time that is not really belonging to him.
His life is just a drop in Eternity and until he masters put the mind under control, this life does not
really belong to him but is a rented thing. What one often forgets is that there may not be tomorrow.
There always comes a day when there is no tomorrow for you. The last day, the last battle. When
you no longer have guaranteed days, your last day will come. The Adept is committed to his
Service and always has something to give to tomorrow. If he has nothing to give, his Service may
be terminated. Most people think of tomorrow with only the thought of what they can take for
themselves. So with this theft, their days are getting shorter and shorter and the last day is coming.
The Magician thinks what to give tomorrow and so always invites the next day to visit him.

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