The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1


Practice the methods of Magic Art every day. Always. But you should never do it by force. Never
against your will. The perfection is to always be able to evoke the attitude in your mind so that it
is exactly what you want and you forget about everything else in the world. Here comes the
Seventh Principle: "Don't let the dusk to cast a shadow over your smile." Do not allow the World
and the mind to take away from you the pleasure of training the Magic Art. Whatever worries have
reached the door of your house, close your eyes, call on the Sign (Flame). Then summon the Sign
of Power (the Pyramid of Razaor) and enter the Pyramid. Open your eyes and smile at the new
World you have just created. The worries are gone and you are filled with the excitement of the
magic methods you are about to practice. The true Magician is not influenced by moods so he
never says "today I am not in the mood to practice my lessons." The true Magician creates the right
mood in himself and others. That is why he is constantly inspired and inspirer.


The Magic is to be in the right place at the right time. The right moment, the right place. If you
feel that you are not where you need to be and when you need to be; when you don't remember
being there and doing what you do - run to the Flame. If you wait too much, it may be too late. It's
not good to be catching up. Therefore, it can be said that Magic is the Art of the right moment.
People are constantly before or after what is happening. The Magic Act works only at the right
moment. Amateurs will look for the right moment in horoscopes and stars. The Apprentice will
constantly look for the right moment, constantly lurking for it. The Adept is not looking for the
right moment - he is creating it. To create the Magic Act, first, create the right moment. This is
where the Secret of the Magic Act lies. It is very important not to be in someone else's time...
Flawless in your actions, but failed to hit the right moment - half success. So learn to create the
moment - this is Magic. At this point, you fit everything. How to learn to create the right moment?
Learn to create a gap in time. How? Learn to surprise.


What is predictable is like a tree that can be found and felled. The tree can always be surprised by
a storm. Thus, the predictable is not the protagonist in this story, but the one to whom everything
happens and must take into account the stronger factors. What makes you static like a tree? Your
habits and your established points of view and patterns of behavior. When you get rid of your
prejudices and stop following stereotypes, you will finally be free. The Magician is like the wind

  • he does not follow patterns of behavior and is therefore completely elusive and unpredictable.
    The wind can surprise you at any time. The Magician may even surprise himself. The predictable
    Magician has a short life. Every time you manage to surprise yourself, a new impulse is born in
    you. New life. Energy circulates properly. Whoever masters the art of surprise begins to understand
    the Magic Art in depth. This is what the Adept does with his Apprentice - he constantly surprises
    him in order to get him out of his established models and be able to glance into the Hidden. When
    you surprise the Apprentice, you open a door for him to pass through. The surprise is to learn how
    to break the rhythm of others. The experienced Magician knows very well how skillfully to plan

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