The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1


First transformation. In the context of Magic Art, "brick" does not mean rigidity, but to take a
form. It means the Magician to build his home. In other words, when there is still "mud", a person
does not know what he wants and where he is going. He has no form. He doesn't fit anywhere and
nothing fits well for him. For him, magic is still something distant and man just sticks and dirties
this knowledge - just like mud. When the Apprentice begins his training, he starts to takes shape.
He adapts to the strict requirements of Magic Art and all who have dedicated themselves to study
it. Then he begins to create step by step his bricks - his skills and qualities of a Magician, through
which he builds his new home in the Hidden. This home is not static but is everywhere with the
Magician. When the home is built and has the necessary qualities and skills, he can move forward
and take on a Mission.


Second transformation. This Principle, as part of the Magic Art, means to burn all your weaknesses
and unnecessary thoughts directed to the World. Human thoughts are sometimes a real weed that
infects others. When the Magician meets a "weed", he declares war on the man's mind and leads
him into the Flame until he disappears without a trace. Weeds are sick ones. The Flame is the cure.
This is part of the Adept's Mission - to roam the human world unnoticed and remove weeds.


Third transformation. When the Magician completes the training with the Master and masters the
whole System of the Black Brotherhood, then he becomes an Adept. The next step is to pass on
the Teachings. To pass on the System. To find the Apprentices-flowers and extract from them what
is Hidden. To awaken the Flame in them and give them a hand in the first steps until they learn to
walk. When they learn to walk, to give them direction to the Flame. When they are near the Flame,
to give them a Key that will allow them to step in.



The Magician finds the meaning and strength to smile both internally and externally every day
when he wakes up and every night before going to bed. That smile should not be fake. It must be
a real one. To come from within. This is the smile that also appears in the most difficult moments.
If you smile forcefully, then you are lost. If at any moment you can't find something to smile at,

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