The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

then you are blind. See the World not only through your eyes but also through your smile. The
eyes will see the obvious. The smile will see the Hidden.


Only the grateful one has the right to learn the Art of Magic. Be grateful that the gift of Magic Art
has reached the door of your home. You have been chosen to receive this gift and you should take
it very seriously. Studying the Art of Magic is a very privileged responsibility. Studying the Art
of Magic requires dedication and time. You could have been born in a rough country and had to
work hard all day from your earliest years. But instead, you are given time to study the Art of
Magic. Use what is given to you and be grateful.


Studying the Art of Magic presupposes extreme creativity. Every external opinion you accept robs
you of your creativity and quality to create. Be extremely careful who you listen to and what you
accept from everything you hear. Others` opinion is like dusk in your heart. Sometimes it is better
for yourself to be completely "lost" for a while, but to find the path alone than to wander aimlessly
driven by other people's opinions and finally accidentally find something. When you find the
hidden path yourself, it develops skills. When the Apprentice receives a lesson from the Master,
he is in no hurry to ask questions but begins to work, to act, to search. It is too early to ask the
Master for guidance. He must first try for himself and receive a response from his experience. Only
then should go back to the Master with the result and receive the Key to the task. There are no
good or bad results. They are all a necessary lesson, a necessary experience. It would be wrong for
the Apprentice to linger long after receiving a lesson and not taking decisive actions. Then he loses
the initiative, he loses the lesson.


Discipleship begins with a bow. It's not just a physical bow. It is a bow in your inner self. A bow
to the Flame. Only the one who can bow can merge with the Flame. This is your Ancient Image -
the Bow in the Flame. The world and the mind have deceived this bow. Who masters the bow,
who knows when to bow, the dusk will never overshadow his smile. If we speak in the physical
dimension, the exact bow is known to few. The exact bow is at an angle of 60 degrees. The Black
Adept will understand.


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