The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

What is Power? The one who has no equal. Who summons the Power will have no equal. How
does Magic Power accumulate? Through Flawlessness and constant life in the Magic, in the
Hidden. Awareness before, during, and after the Magic Act, is extremely important. What matters
is what you perceive. Supreme Adept may be sitting next to you and show you the deepest secrets
of Magic Art, but if you do not perceive anything, everything will be in vain. Only what you
perceive becomes truly yours. True Knowledge in which there is no need for faith. There is already
completeness there. The initial level of Strength is a condition for starting the Apprentice's training.
There are many factors by which the Adept chooses his Apprentice. The Apprentice does not fit
into the equations of the World. The Apprentice has outbursts of Power that he cannot control.
These outbursts can take various emotional forms and are characterized by spontaneity and lack
of thought. Frequent changes in the mood. Level of Energy abnormal for most people. The Power
often leaves scars on the Apprentice. The Adept can read the signs and senses who are the ones
chosen by the Flame and put them to a test. In many magical systems, the lesson comes first and
then the test. In the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood and the Art of Magic of the Black Adepts,
the opposite is true. The test comes first and if it is passed, the lesson is given. The lesson must be
deserved. Only the Worthy has the right to a lesson.


Some arts are performing and others are not. Magic Art has strong characteristics of performing
arts. In the Art of Magic, the audience is the whole Universe. The Magician prepares to perform
the Magic Act Flawlessly. He must be able to gather everything in one moment. Everything is
happening now and the balance is important. The Measure. This is a fundamental quality for
someone to study the Art of Magic. People who do not have a sense of tact, like to exaggerate, or
are shy and do not speak out things. Others can prepare a lot, but whenever they have to stand on
the "stage", they are overwhelmed by fear and cannot perform the Magic Act. It is better for them
to choose another path in life. The main word in "the Art of Magic" is not the word "magic", but
the word "Art". Art requires people with intuition, flair, a sense of proportion, a sense of detail,
and scale. And before everything else - the sense of high measure. Not everyone can practice Arts.


The Magician radiates the steadfastness of the one who knows his Path, he has chosen it
unconditionally, he has been chosen as well, and walks inseparably. Therefore, people who roam
and still wonder where to go, can not develop true magical power. Power comes with absolute
steadfastness. That is why every decision taken must be implemented immediately. Sometimes
even steadfastness by itself breaks even the greatest resistance. The greatest enemy of power is
doubt. How to become steadfast? Choose a goal that is unattainable. A Mission that is more
important than your life. Only then your Power will acquire other dimensions and scales.

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