The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

The Great One is not you, but the Magic Art itself and it is It that should be glorified, but not
through words, but through actions. By giving a personal example. The Magician is the one who
consciously applies the Principles in his life and in the lives of others. Thus he affirms the Art of
Magic in the world of men. Some may naively think that the Art of Magic is everyone's right. But
it was never a gift to man. It is a privilege for man and should be treated as such. Nowadays, people
have lost their humility and sometimes have a brazen and rebellious attitude towards magic,
thinking that anyone can practice magic just because the market is flooded with books about magic.
Of course, anyone can try to practice, but from this incorrect initial attitude of man, his access to
the Art of Magic is extremely limited. This Art is only for those who are ready to dedicate their
lives to it. Those who have consciously chosen it have passed trials and have been chosen to be
part of this Ancient Tradition. Everyone else can read books and play "being a wizard", but at the
very best they will become mediocre in Magic. There is nothing more dangerous than being
mediocre, and in the context of the Art of Magic, it can be downright disastrous.


To increase your Magic Power, you must find a strong opponent. One of the things that prevent
you from increasing your Magic Power is laziness and lack of purpose. When you have an
opponent, you will no longer have a choice - you will have to work constantly, constantly with
increased Awareness and Awakeness. You will have a constant goal that even if you have the
audacity to turn your back, it will never turn its back on you. A second of inattention can cost you
dearly. Thus the Apprentice in the Magic Art from "young" becomes "adult" and begins to bear
responsibility. The opponent does not have to be human. It could be a phenomenon. It could be
one of your weaknesses. It could be an idea. It could be another Magician who supports a different
idea... Magic Art is learned when studied in a real situation, not in simulations. The increase in
Power occurs when you constantly challenge the Power, but without losing your Flawlessness. It
is Flawlessness that allows the Magician to preserve parts of the Power after its summoning.

In addition to how to increase his personal Power, the Apprentice should also know what are the
factors that can reduce it. As a rule, the defects in the Seven Principles sharply reduce the Magic
Power and dry out the Energy. Lie, criticize, get angry and your Power is wasted. If you show
anger at someone or criticize them, you lose your Magic Power and control over them. Then even
if you cast Spells and Formulas on this Object of your Intention every day, all day, they will not
be very effective.


The Apprentice can increase his Magic Power, but if he is not wise enough he will immediately
lose it. Increasing your Power is like increasing your income. But keeping what you've
accumulated and not spending it is a whole other matter. In order to accumulate Magic Power, you
should achieve Clarity, Awareness, and Distinguish for all your Magic Acts. For all the successes
and failures. What happens is significant, but what really matters is what you perceive from
everything that happened. The accumulation of Magic Power increases with the "moments" of

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