The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

unity with the Flame. The more you are in the Flame, the less you will be in the World. It is in the
World, and more specifically in your actions and your words in the World, that your Magic Power
perishes. You shall limit your future in the World. A person who has great ambitions in the World
is doomed to serve the World and can never achieve real success in the Art of Magic.

Accumulating personal Power also requires perseverance. There are no holidays or weekends for
the Magician. If you can't make every day magical, then you are not ready to dedicate yourself to
this Ancient Art. There is no rest for the Mission. For the unprepared, this would be a burden. It is
a privilege for the Magician to apply the Magic Art every day. Adventure in the Invisible. Every
day. Every hour. Every moment. This is how Magic Power accumulates - by not letting it flow out
into the World.



The structure of the Magic Act consists of Ten Steps - The Five Proto-Elements serve as a
supporting "scaffold" that carries the entire structure. Before and after each Proto Element there is
a step for modulation or in other words a transition between the Proto Elements.

First step:

Proto Element Darkness. "Impulse" - If we say that the Impulse is something like the
appearance of a desire, it will be extremely inaccurate, but it gives some starting point for the one
who is just beginning the study of this matter. To be more precise, the Impulse is the progenitor of
every aspiration. In the beginning, everything is just an Impulse, which then takes direction and
Intention. After the mind tries to explain this Intention, we often get misinterpreted desires and
ambitions. The Impulse is also how the wave appears in the sea. The good surfer manages to catch
it in its opening, to climb it, and to rush forward and choose his way to the shore. That means
feeling the right moment. You can use each pulse of the Energy as a starting point. If there is no
Impulse, then you can create it through Energy. The Мagician, like the surfer, senses the wave and
the exact moment to climb it. Let's not forget that if the surfer just sits with the board in one place,
the wave can just pass him by so he will not get anywhere. When he senses a rising wave, the
surfer begins to row with hands vigorously in the right direction so surfer and wave can merge in
motion. Thus they join the same frequency, the same vibration. Therefore, the Magician senses the
vibrations of the World around him and when he feels an Impulse, he can use it to initiate his
Magic Act. If there is no Impulse, he can create it through the Sign and the Pyramid of Razaor and
some of the methods of Intention. Another example of creating impulses, although weaker, are
strong emotions, as they stop the normal flow of the mind - strong anger, fear, sexual excitement,
severe pain, sadness.

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