The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

"The Flame is no sanctuary for the runaways from their adversaries but a Home for those that
overcame their Trials."

Book of the Chosen Ones - Keys: 12

This means that the Art of Magic is offered only to the Worthy. To those who apply the Principles
and Strategy. To those who have the qualities to be part of the Mission, and not just to various
curious people fleeing from their karmic burden. This is extremely important when the Magician
selects his Apprentices: what motivates them to study the Magic Art? People who have mostly
personal motives will always focus on themselves and their ego, not on the Mission.

Limits, possibility, and objectivity

Magic Art knows no limits. Nothing is impossible for Magic. Things are different with man - he
has limitations, mainly imposed by his uncontrolled mind. The Apprentice in Magic must
constantly strive to exceed his capabilities, but also to have full objectivity about his limits and
capabilities. If your maximum weightlifting ability is to lift 50 pounds, what will you gain if you
try to lift 150? Either you just fail or you can get injured. When your maximum capacity is 50
pounds, the next goal should be 60 pounds. Then 70 pounds, etc. You will gradually reach 150
pounds. Expand your limits gradually, not drastically. If you embark on the application of new
magical systems for you, from which you do not understand anything, nor do you know what
Principles are built on this system, objectively speaking you will not do anything constructive.


The Magician is a master at surprising both others and himself. Don't become predictable for
yourself. A Magician who is predictable does not survive for long. Being a Magician means
extreme audacity. A second of hesitation can cost you your life. What sustains life is precisely the
surprise - it keeps a person away from getting old. With predictability, slowly comes your death.
If you can't surprise yourself, your mind will trap you and constantly try to tell you what to do
according to society, and so you will remain locked in the World. The Magician is unpredictable
even for himself because he carefully hides from his mind. The Magician does not want to be
known by his mind and therefore constantly surprises it until the mind gives up and surrenders.
Only then you become whole and begin to walk the Path consciously.


Attention is an increased state of Awakeness. Here, Attention means the way you feel while
performing a Magic Act. Then you are not in the usual daily state but in a particularly heightened
state of perception. It's as if you've just woken up from a deep sleep - you know you're not dreaming
anymore, but you haven't fully woken up yet. A state between sleep and awakeness. In this state,
you not only look but also See. Not only do you listen, but you also Hear. Attention is a state that

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