The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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is at frequencies of vibration unattainable for the mind. Therefore, the mind cannot interfere in a
Magic Operation for which the Magician has the necessary personal Power to maintain the
appropriate frequency of vibration.


Switching is to be able to quickly switch from the everyday state of consciousness to the magic
state of consciousness. In occult traditions, and especially in ceremonial magic, there are such
unnecessarily long rituals, preceded by even longer preparations, which ultimately aims at just that

  • a change of consciousness. They all aim to prepare the exclusion of the mind. But all this
    ceremony makes the Magician lazier. You need to have Attention and be able to switch to Magic
    Act execution mode instantly and at any time. For fractions of a second. Magic traditions in which
    particular magical practices have to be applied literally and the Adept's creativity is not allowed
    are oppressive and dead systems. They do not provide an opportunity for the true development of
    the Apprentice in the Magic Art. For an Apprentice to master switching, he must master the flow
    of his thoughts perfectly and master the Sign (Flame) and the Sign of Power (Pyramid of Razaor).

Making a decision

Magic Art is not an activity for the hesitant and those who need to consult relatives and friends
before making a decision. The Magician makes his own decisions, fully aware of the importance
of his actions. He knows that Magic requires maximum seriousness and responsibility. The
Magician does not waste time in explaining or justifying his actions for anything - he has made a
decision and executed it. In the course of magical practices, the Magician often has to make
decisions at the moment without having any time to consult wise books and friends. He must be
able to make decisions without hesitation and put them into action immediately. Primary intuition
and a sense of approach - these are the key qualities.

The Approach

The same Ritual - several different Magicians will approach differently and get different results.
Magic is not something static, as many people think. They just read what other people have written,
some of whom have no idea what they are talking about. Thus, the reader does not learn a
methodology on how to approach various magical forms but only has been advised how to copy
and reproduce already written magical rituals and spells, most of which originate from God-
centered systems. But the Magic Art is much more - it is an inexhaustible source and is constantly
changing and supplementing. One of the secrets is not to copy the work of confused people, but
how to Approach each goal magically. Thus, the Approach is much more important than accurately
copying rituals and spells. Always Approach everything in the world of Magic as if you see it for
the first time, no matter if you already know it.

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