The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1


It is training that makes the difference between the true Adept - Magician and amateurs who just
read books about magic and remember to use it when something goes wrong in their lives or just
occasionally for fun and entertainment. There are no days off for the Apprentice. There are no
holidays. There is no excuse for not feeling well. Training should be uncompromising. As a rule,
the Apprentice trains every day, at least three times a day - as soon as he wakes up while he is still
half asleep; once during the day, when the mind is strong; once just before going to bed because it
is important what he achieves on a magical level when he is weak and exhausted. This shows what
he is really capable of. Suitable moments for magical training are usually the time of dawn and
especially at dusk. When the Apprentice begins to learn new material and new methods, he does
not set aside the old exercises, but performs them all, only adding the new ones.


There are different types of Magic Acts in the Black Brotherhood System. The main categories are
Formulas, Spells, Methods, and Rituals. Depending on their purpose, they can be of a general or
special application. The simpler the structure of a Magic Act, the more fundamental its role, the
more general its action. Formulas are Magic Acts-instruments of general-purpose. In order to have
a special effect, a Chain of Formulas is compiled, starting from the "root" and ending with the
"fruit". The Formulas work indirectly.

Spells are Magic Acts-instruments of special significance. Spells are a collection of Magic Words
made up of magical sounds(see Book of the Chosen Ones, chapter Sound). In this sense, spells
have a very specific focus, and if the Formulas draw the contours of the picture, then the spells
give the "touches" and work with the detail. Spells work directly.

The spell is a magical pattern. The most important thing is not what we bring in, but what we leave
outside the pattern. The pattern should contain only the most important, the most essential.
Therefore, the Adept should be able to semantically separate the main from the secondary.

Spells have a mathematical nature, and the fact that numbers do not appear when they are written
does not mean that there are none. Mathematics can write everything and is contained in all our
thoughts, words, and actions, whether we realize it or not. Where the possibilities of words end,
mathematics begins. The model of the universe is based on the relationships between numbers.

Rituals are a hybrid type - they have a common part "scaffolding", on which can be superimposed
various modules with a special character. Rituals are both instantaneous and constantly
accumulating Magic Acts.

The Methods are also hybrid - some have a general-purpose and others have a special purpose.

Apart from general and special, another distinction is made, which is between one-time and
Continued Magic Acts. Some suggest that they need to be executed once to initiate the respective
results. Continued acts require regular implementation and perseverance in order to achieve the
intended result.

Primary and Instant Formulas and Spells are considered one-time Magic Acts.

Disciple`s, Internal and External Formulas are considered continued Magic Acts.

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