The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Rituals again have a hybrid character, according to their way of construction and execution.


The Magic Act is spontaneous and originates from the Impulse, but then comes the Necessity and
the Strategy. That is why the true Magician acts spontaneously and strategically at the same time.
If you do not have a Strategy and if all your actions are incorrect and do not rely on the Principles,
the Magic will not help you much. The Art of Magic does not offer miracles for lunatics heading
for the abyss. You can make spells and rituals all day if you wish so, but if with your actions and
behavior you do not support the purpose of the Magic Act, nothing will happen. Eagle, crab, and
pike - everyone pulls in their own direction. You must have "unity" - Eye, Hand, Voice. There are
no limits to Magic, but the same is not true for you. You are still only human because your mind
is too strong. It is important who you are, who plans and performs the Мagic Аct. In this line of
thoughts, it can be said that the Principles, Strategies, and Magic Acts constitute a Pyramid.
Pyramid, which is the very Teaching of the Black Brotherhood. Principles are the base of this
Pyramid. Strategies are the arms of the Pyramid that lead to the top. The top is the Magic Art. If
there is no foundation (Principles), the Pyramid will collapse. Also, the Strategies connect the
Principles with the Magic Art - this means that if you apply the Principles with the wrong
Strategies, the Magic Act will not give you high results.


Success in Magic Art depends on how you decide to use your magical resources. In other words,
how you will work with what you have.

"Work with what’s available."

Book of the Chosen Ones - Sound: 69

Sometimes, man cannot see actuality even on a physical level. You see one thing when you see it
for the first time. Then you perceive it only by presumption. You just call out its image, but you
don't really look at it anymore. The Adept does not lose his true vision and so can tell when and
how objects and people change their energy body. See things every time you watch them, no only
the first time. Don't take them for granted.

In Magic Art, you have your own "energy budget". This is the amount of energy you have. This
raises the question: "What you can afford to "buy" with this amount of energy?" Another important
question is based on your Awareness of what is actually offered to you as a choice. Based on the
above concepts, you can make choices and modulate your Intention in the context of the Magic
Art. You are a "consumer" of this system. Some Adepts have more magical energy than others,
just as some people have more money than others. To a large extent, one of the important skills
that an Adept should learn is to think like an economist or an investor. The financier invests in
businesses, commodity markets, gives loans with interest, takes credits from banks, and more. It
is the same with the Adept in the Art of Magic - he knows how to extract and distributes Energy.
To invest his Energy in activities that then pay off in one way or another. He knows how to make
reasonable purchases as a "consumer" - in which activities to invest his Magic Energy and in which

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