The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Proto Element Intention holds the operations addition and subtraction.
Proto Element Flame is the Zero and the sign of equality.
Proto Element Chaos holds the operations of multiplication and division.
Proto Element Water holds positive numbers.
First Principle: "Be Flawless in your Words." This means being Zero. Zero has special properties

  • any number multiplied by Zero gives Zero. When you speak to someone using a Flawless Word,
    you transform them, you change them. You purify them.
    Principle Two: "Leave everything unnecessary." (-) This is the subtraction operation. We subtract
    until we reach Zero. Otherwise said - being without superfluity.
    Third Principle: "Turn your mind into the Sun." These are the operations addition and
    multiplication. Positive numbers. Expansiveness.
    Fourth Principle: "Work with what is invisible to others." This is the square root. Each number has
    a square root, although it is not easy to see it. You have to look for it to see where a number comes
    from. The square root tells the history of the number, including the one exposed.
    Fifth Principle: "Take a position before each moment." Here we are talking about chains of
    numbers and each subsequent one depends on the previous one. Such a circuit is, for example, the
    Fibonacci series. 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 ... Every number in the Chain is the only moment of reality.
    Take a position before the number to create the moment.
    Principle Six: “From the mud bake bricks. From the weeds ignite a fire. From the flowers extract
    honey". This is the transition of a number into an equation on the other side of the equals sign. In
    this way a transformation takes place - positive numbers become negative and negative numbers
    become positive.
    Principle Seven: "Don’t let the dusk cast shadow over your smile.." These are the math brackets.
    The numbers that are in brackets are special. No interference is allowed. Not everyone can reveal
    the brackets. The brackets themselves look like a smile. They are a slightly isolated part of the
    equation. The Magician`s smile is isolated in the dark.
    As for the position of man and his place in the World, expressed mathematically, we can say the
    The Creator of the manifested is the One. All positive numbers are derived from One. The image
    of the Primordial Man (wrongly considered and called God) is 1.6 - the Golden Ratio, the Balance.
    When man lost his ancient origin and accepted the mind as master, he became Two. Why is the
    number of men is two? Because men can count to two. White and black. Good and evil. Weak and
    strong... Only when we have a third position, the Third Choice, then we can talk about Magic.
    The man is in the "two". He takes position One and looks at position Two. He is white and so the
    others are black. He is a good Christian and therefore others are evil demons. He is righteous, so
    everyone else is a sinner. This only leads to ignorance and fanaticism. The Third Choice requires
    depersonalizing dualism and choosing something outside of that plane. Man cannot understand
    Magic because he sees only two: either dry science or passionate but poor religion. There is no
    Third Choice. There is no magic in Two. Whoever wants to study the Magic Art from the
    standpoint of dualism, of white and black magic, will at the very best become an incompetent
    philosopher, but will never have the right to be called a magician, much less an Adept. The Adept
    is the one who masters a Magic System in its completeness. Ignorance and stupidity never produce
    Adept. The Magic begins to manifest on Three. Clarity is achieved on Three. The Magic rises on
    Six, and so the Apprentice makes the Distinguish. The Magic is completed on Nine. Then the
    Apprentice already has Secret Knowledge, which cannot be expressed or understood by man. It
    cannot be proven, but it can always be used, applied, and passed on to the worthy ones.

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