The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

The Adept can look the Apprentice in the eye and enter through the Method of "Entering the
Pyramid of Razaor". For this purpose, the Adept projects the Pyramid around the face of the
Apprentice. Here it is very important to say that the Adept does not look the Apprentice in the
eyes, but only in one of the two eyes. Otherwise, "penetration" will not occur. Whether it will be
the left or the right eye depends on the Adept's Intention, although in this case the right eye is
chosen more often to put the Apprentice in a Magical State of Consciousness. When the Apprentice
is already in a Magical State, more often is used the left eye.
Passive side: The Adept-Magician forces the Apprentice to observe a phenomenon, in specific
circumstances - the Adept removes side distractions. A phenomenon that has the Power to take the
Apprentice out of his daily consciousness and push him into the Magical State of Consciousness.
This can be contemplation of a candle flame, falling water or rain, smoke from a fire. There are
other phenomena, but these are the main ones. The candle flame centers. Rain, falling water, and
smoke give direction, have dynamics.
Hand. These are the Magical Strategies and actions.
Active side. The Adept can change the Apprentice's Consciousness through physical body contact.
This should be a palm strike on the spine. This blow is very specific and must be directed inwards.
It can be applied in three main places on the spine: 7th cervical vertebra (C-7), 6th thoracic vertebra
(Th-6), 1st lumbar vertebra (L-1). The blow should be neither pushing nor clapping but should be
like the transmission of an impulse that comes from the feet of the Adept, rises on his spine, and
is transmitted through his palm to the Apprentice. If the Apprentice feels a "slap", is bruised or
pushed forward, then the "blow" is incorrect. This palm strike is similar to the so-called inch strike
and is therefore performed very closely. The most accurate comparison would be with heart
"pumping beats", which are made with palms in first aid. When performed correctly, the
Apprentice feels a shaking of his spine and a slight shock, and a momentary blockage of his
nervous system.
Another way is for the Adept-Magician to grasp the Apprentice's hand in the wrist area and with
his fourth finger (the ring finger) to press tightly on the cubital (ulnar) artery, right in the fold of
the wrist. It can be pressed once firmly and strongly. It can be pressed tightly and not so hard but
held for about 2-3 minutes. Nine fast pulsations can also be made. Usually, the Adept's right hand
grasps the Apprentice's left hand or the Adept's left hand grabs the Apprentice's right hand, with
the hands about 45 degrees down in front of the body.
Passive side. The Adept-Magician can stand still and make the Apprentice walk around him in a
circle (about 3 meters in diameter) with a lighted candle in his hands. The Apprentice should walk
around until a sense of time is lost. He should keep walking till is close to faint.
In other situations, the Adept-Magician can release the Apprentice into underground tunnels,
giving him the task of reaching a specific room and picking up a specific object, all this while
moving in impenetrable darkness, feeling the walls.
The Adept-Magician can indicate to the Apprentice to transfer water from one cup to another and
Voice. These are the Magic Vibrations.
Active side.
The Adept vibrates Words of Power at specific frequencies incompatible with the Apprentice's
The Adept plays music on a musical instrument, emphasizing specific musical intervals and
harmonies. An interval that stops the mind is, for example, the augmented fourth (equivalent to a
diminished fifth). The increased fourth is resolved in the perfect fifth. The perfect fifth turns into

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