The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

It is extremely important for the Adept to withdraw from life absolutely Flawlessly. The life-path
that has been walked, combined with the approach to withdrawal from life, opens the Door to
Immortality. The Magician is ready to leave his life at any time without regret. Because he has no
family, he has nothing to lose. He leaves Flawlessly. He doesn`t think about death. For him, death
is not an enemy and cannot take away the gifts of the Flame. It is important how he leaves life.
What's the point of living a lifetime Flawlessly as a Magician if you end up with defects like an
ordinary person? When the Magician loses his fear of death, he is ready to be an Adept and receive
the Service. Only the one who strives for Immortality is truly constant in Flawlessness, and only
he receives the Service.


After the Adept-Magician has made his last and final Choice - He has chosen the Path and passed
the trials to show that he is worthy to be Chosen, he steps in Service. Service to the Flame, the
Black Brotherhood, and humanity - in this particular sequence.
ONE. The Flame is the Primordial Source and as such, it is completely inexhaustible. It is not a
being who has his own mind or will to tell the Adept what to do or what not to do. The Flame
communicates with the Adepts, leaving Signs. It depends on the Adept's skills how he will be able
to see the Signs with his magical vision (Clarity), how he will interpret them (Distinguish), and
how he will act in accordance with them (Approach). This, to a somewhat more limited extent,
can be compared in business reports and commodity market statistics - economists with different
levels of knowledge will see and benefit differently from forecasts and statistics. Another more
accurate comparison can be made with wind forecasts - a skilled sailor can read the wind and use
it. Here the question arises, what happens if the Adept deliberately decides to act against the
Signs... As we have said, the Flame has no will of its own - it takes the will of the Adept, according
to his Intention. But following the analogy with the wind, if the Adept correctly reads the wind,
but nevertheless for some reason (hypothetically speaking) decides to sail against the wind, the
Power will sweep him away and bring him back to his Path. This means that whoever has once
chosen the true Flame and, figuratively speaking, once has entered the "track" of the Path, has no
way out. The Flame itself, the Power itself, will not allow the Adept to fail, and if he takes the
wrong action, the Flame will correct him immediately. In the World of the Magician, this secret
Wind never stops and he can sail constantly. There is often no wind in the World of People and
that is why no one goes anywhere...
In order to learn how to "read" the Signs of the Flame, the Adept-Magician should work regularly
with the Sign - the Zero Key. It's like being able to open your eyes. In order to be able to see the
subtleties in detail, he must work and master the 27 Keys of Reality, which are direct emanations
of the Flame. If we follow the analogy with the wind again, the 27 Keys are the main "flows" of
the Flame. In this regard, one of the main "tools" for reading the "flows" of the Flame is the
Cobweb of the Spider. The impulses coming from the Flame, come out of the Heart of the Cobweb,
pass through the 27 Keys and the cobweb lines and disappear through the Shadow Worlds. The
"closer" the Adept is to the Flame and controls a greater volume of personal Power, the more
hidden Signs he will be able to figure on and see more details.
TWO. As for the Adept's Service to the Black Brotherhood, let it be known that the Black Brothers
and Sisters are as inseparably linked as the drops in the ocean. A whole. The Black Brothers and
Sisters are not only those with whom the Adept works directly in the present incarnation - this is

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