The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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the Fraternal Group divided into specialized subgroups. Black Brothers and Sisters inhabit many
different Galaxies and Universes, they are in different parts of time and Shadow Worlds.
Regardless of their habitat, all Black Adepts are connected and have direct contact with each other.
It is essential to look for tuning and synchronization with the vibration frequencies of the other
Black Adepts. Each Black Adept takes a sacred vow to train several other Adepts before retiring.
The number of Occult Disciples to be taught in the System of the Black Brotherhood varies
according to the Adept`s personal Strength, but usually goes along the "backbone" of the Teaching:
5, 7, 9, 16, 27, 72... Thus the tradition continues to be passed down through Times and Ages. The
line of the System crosses Time. One of the main tasks of the Black Adept is to leave heirs,
continuing the tradition and at the same time to keep the Teachings a Secret, preserving its essence.
This means that the group of Black Adepts always remains a Secret Society. Many can make
contact with the Black Adept, but few can know him closer. Many can reach the Gate, but few are
allowed to pass. Few know what is hidden on the other side.
Another part of the service to the Black Brotherhood is to continue the Missions of the Ancients,
of the Ancestors. The Nine Chosen, Razaor, Black Eagle... Each of them has a specific Mission,
but all their Missions originate from the Plan of the Ancient Father of the Black Brotherhood :
"The Plan of my Father is like the Sea. Some waves visibly come, others invisibly go away.
Sometimes the waves encounter with each other but never stop.
The Plan of my Father is when the Spark sets in, the forest to take the fire so that there will remain
one Flower.
The Plan of my Father is that there be dark Darkness so that we can develop an Eye.
The Plan of my Father is not that you enter the Darkness, but that you engulf it. And therefore It
is called the Grandfather of the Darkness.
The Plan of my Father is total erasure. What remains will bear the seal of the Flame.
The Plan of my Father is that there will be neither Sun nor Water or Life there will only be
Absolute Darkness.
Book of the Black Eagle - The Father of the Black Brotherhood: 5,6,7,12,13,16

Each Black Adept receives his personal Mission from the Ancient Father of the Black
Brotherhood, though not directly, but through the mediation of one of the Chosen Ones. When the
"Plan" is realized in depth, then comes the Clarity of the essence of the Mission. The "Plan" is an
ancient technique that manifests itself in the Mission in different Ages, as well as in the personal
missions of each of the Black Adepts.
The following passage gives the specific parameters of the Mission - in the first part for all Mission
Leaders through the Ages, and in the second part of the passage, directly for the Black Eagle:
“I gave you an Eye to see in the Darkness and you’ve got familiar with our Home. Now you have
to leave it. Find a Door to other dimensions and fly off beyond. Take the suffering and the pain on
your shoulders. Deliver the Darkness and sweep through everything with a glance. Erase
everything to be Nothing and starting from there create the New World. Test and tempt, and show
the Ancient Evil, in which hid den is the Mystery of Absolute. When your Mission is over, you’ll
return to the Homeland. And now drink my Blood, for it’s the Key to the Homeland, it’s the Key to
the Absolute Darkness. Through the Family Blood, you’ll find the Way Home. And now hear the
Whisper of Darkness: “When the Darkness thickens around you, make your step immovably. Find

the Key, so that the Door will show up too. Put weeds amidst Flowers, crush down the dry
branches, burn down the forest. Erase all the Paths so that there will be a Desert. Spin up your
Net. Renovate everything with Breath and build the Bridge to the Homeland. Revive the Tongue of

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