The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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our Family and the Teaching of the Black Brotherhood. Become a Sun of Shining Darkness. Fly
off like a Black Eagle return like a Drago n.”

Book of the Black Eagle - The Father of the Black Brotherhood: 20

THREE. As for the Service of the Adept to humanity, it must be clarified that this is not a service
to man as an individual, but to the whole human race as a whole organism. This means that for the
Adept there are no such things as closed one, neither distant. For the Adept, they are all the same
energy units and he would help them, as long as it does not disorder the overall balance. That is
why the Adept observes comprehensively, but without staring. He helps, then forgets and moves
on. When he helps, he never stops from his Path. He does everything on the go. That is why he is
not attached to anyone, he does not give a privileged attitude to anyone... and that is why he is
available to serve all humanity. Who chooses his relatives cannot serve the whole human race
impartially, which means that he cannot be an Adept. The Adept should be the center of the circle

  • he is equally close to all points on the periphery and can reach them equally easily. If you
    concentrate on a certain point on the periphery, the center will shift and the whole circle will suffer
    and the forward movement will be limited.
    “For the Initiated in the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood, there is no close and distant –
    everything is at your fingertips because the Adept is everywhere. The Initiated doesn’t crave
    anything the craving is to want something without having the Intention to reach it. The Initiated
    is directed towards the Flame and this way he receives everything that anyone could ask for. The
    Initiated doesn’t have fears – he i s the one that creates the dangers. The Initiated doesn’t have
    successes and failures on the Path to the Flame every step is a harsh lesson, every step is life in
    Infinity, every step is a triumph in the Ancient Times. For the Initiated there are no important
    things there is only one constant, one Reality, and this is the Flame itself everything else is
    Shadows, which people see as important or unimportant depending on their position. The Path to
    the Flame is Path of the Awareness and clean Intention. For those who serve the world, this Path
    is invisible. Those words are the Spark. The one who can thicken the Intention will be able to
    kindle a fire.”
    Book of the Chosen Ones - People: 9

The tasks of the Black Adept in the World of People are not limited only with the described above.
Of all the Elders, the only one who is explicitly said to "come down" and "talk to people" is Aasim.
Here is what he says about his Mission:
"The people asked Aasim what his Mission is, and he replied: ”To turn the forest into desert. The
ocean to submerge the desert into Darkness. To make the Darkness shine.”
Book of the Chosen Ones - People: 100
These are the three levels of a global transformation. As long as people see only the tree but not
the forest, they will always be victims of their own minds. When a person has his forest and meets
the Flame of his Path, his mind turns on and he hides behind one of the trees - each tree is a specific
prejudice and counter-thought. Thus, the trees in this forest are already dry and do not bear fruits.
Man is about to die of starvation because the mind will not lead him to a new earth. That is why
the Black Adept solves the problem radically, following the example of Amekran - he burns and
erases the whole forest. Man no longer has thoughts and prejudices in which to hide. The Black
Adept has taken away all his illusions. He put the man to the test and crashed him down. Here man
either perishes or recapitulates and begins his new Path. Only when the man is a "desert" when his

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