The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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mind is erased, only then he can be given access to the Teachings of the Black Brotherhood in its
original form. Only then does the ocean flood the desert and fill this space. Then chaos ensues in
the mind of the Occult Disciple. He still does not know the Black Water and cannot orientate
himself in it. He still can't use it, so he's not an Adept yet. Only when the Occult Disciple masters
this Black Water and makes it shine - only then he controls the Darkness. Then he can give any
form to this Black Water. This is how he closes the cycle from the first Proto Element Darkness to
the last Proto Element Water. The Black Water. When masters the Forms of Black Water, the
Disciple becomes an Adept.
Of course, the Black Adepts Mission is a continuation of the Missions of all the previous Chosen Ones. In the same way, Aasims Mission is a continuation of the tradition inherited from Razaor,
who inherited it from the Black Eagle. It is no coincidence that Aasim's Mission dates back to
before the First Age:
"We were chosen by the Great- Grandfather of Darkness. And It told us: “Erase everything to be
Desert. From there on the Black Pyramid will revive.” And they called us Erasers."

Book of the Black Eagle - The Father of the Black Brotherhood: 17
Here we should make the connection between the Sixth Principle, which articulates the personal
Mission of the Black Adept, and passage 100 of the chapter "People", in which Aasim describes
the Mission of the Black Adept as far as their duty to humanity is concerned. When there are weeds
among the flowers, the Adept plucks them. But when there are too many weeds, the Adept burns
out the whole garden. The whole forest... to inhabit the Desert. So, the process starts all over again.


There are many passages from the Sacred Book of the Black Brotherhood, which give an idea of
the parameters of the Mission of the Brotherhood - of all the Flawless Warriors, Strategists,
Magicians, and Black Adepts. Here we will consider only the parameters of the personal mission
of the Magician.
The Sixth Principle gives a very well-defined foundation. "From the mud bake bricks. From the
weeds, ignite a fire. From the flowers extract the honey." The three parts of the Sixth Principle
provide indications of the three main lines of action and personal mission within the Mission.
The first is to bake bricks, that is, to build your House. To build a Temple. This means that the
Apprentice in the Magic Art accepts that his training is matter of life and death. He realizes that to
train and to build his Temple as an Adept is a sacred service, not just an occupation. He realizes
the enormous responsibility that falls on his shoulders. That is why he never allows himself to be
"Once in a village uploaded were a thousand bricks. From amidst the crowd, a fighter came out
and started to demonstrate his strength by breaking bricks with hands, legs, head, elbows...
Throngs had gathered to watch him. Every day he would break bricks, and the people and bricks
decreased. Suddenly the fighter felt cold. The summer had gone. The winter had come, it was
snowing, no one was on the outside, and the fighter stood alone and homeless, surrounded by brick
Book of the Black Eagle - The Teachings of Ahaar: 29

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