The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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In this case, the bricks are the Sacred Knowledge, which should not be wasted in simple thinking,
but should be applied and practiced until it is mastered. In the passage, the fighter is the man of
the World, who in his ignorance wasted his chance to be an Occult Disciple and to build a House-
Temple. To build qualities. This means the following: just like those who build Houses in the
passage above, the true Occult Disciple remains anonymous among the people and never becomes
the center of attention as the fighter. True Apprentice never shows his Power just for a pointless
demonstration. This is the first phase of the Mission, in the context of the Sixth Principle - the
training and preparation of the Apprentice.
In the second part of the Sixth Principle, to ignite a fire from the weeds, the Apprentice is already
largely trained. He is already a Warrior, but he is not yet an Adept. He still cannot train an
Apprentices on his own and introduce them to the Path of the Adepts, because he himself has not
yet become an Adept. As a Warrior, he has a lot of operational functions. To work with the people-
weeds - to clean the Garden from the weeds. To burn the people-weeds through trials and through
his own skills in Flawlessness, Strategy, and Magic. In summary, the second part of the Sixth
Principle is the Mission of the Warrior to erase the weeds - those for which it is better not to
continue their journey, in order not to slow down others and not to accumulate more "energy"
The third part of the Sixth Principle is the extraction of honey from flowers - this is the training of
the Occult Students. Here the Adept carries out the Mission, as leaving initiated successors. He
composes his Garden of Flowers, and it becomes his whole world. He dedicates his whole life to
his Disciples. Complete devotion to the Mission.


The second part of the Sixth Principle, concerning the erasure of weeds, originates from the
Teaching of the Supreme Evil:

β€œThe Supreme Evil is when the ocean floods the land. The mountain stays, the valley drowns under
water. The Supreme Evil is when the wind passes through the forest and knocks the dry branches
down. The healthy trees that have life flowing through them survive, the dry ones fall on the
ground. The Supreme Evil is when disease befalls humans. The worthy survive, the impure die
from the sickness. The Supreme Evil is the secret that you keep deep within yourself, and you will
never share with anyone. The Supreme Evil is to sacrifice yourself so that your successors live.
The Supreme Evil is to slay the innocent that bears the seed of fear and would in time become a
threat. The Supreme Evil is to vanquish the flowers along with the weed so that you can sow the
new flowers in a garden free from weed. The Supreme Evil is to eliminate the problems before they
appear by removing the factors that could cause them.”

Book of the Lagacy - Supreme Evil: 17

Erasing human weeds requires masterful handling of the Supreme Evil and adherence to the above
Principles. The Supreme Evil is an independent Teaching in the System of the Black Brotherhood.
The keyword here is not "Evil," but "Supreme." This is a specific Power that is given only to the
Chosen. Being Flawless is not enough. You must be Supreme. To be one of a kind. Supreme Evil
has nothing to do with evil from a human point of view. The Supreme Evil is not evil but is
Absolute. In Supreme Evil, Love disappears and Truth loses its luster. The Supreme Evil is the
natural course of the Whole. What is the natural course? This is the change of the Cycles of the

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