The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Five Proto-Elements - the Circle of the Proto-Elements. The Adept senses the changes of these
"seasons" and synchronizes with them, and then, if necessary, makes transformations over the
Universe. The Times/Seasons of the Proto-Elements do not have their own reason in the human
sense. They don't want anything from anyone. The Seasons of the Proto Element move on
regardless if someone believes or not and no matter what people want or what they do. At a lower
level, we can say that this is how nature itself works - it follows its model without taking into
account the opinion of man. The changes of "seasons" are completely ruthless and whoever decides
to go against the Cycle is erased. In this line of thoughts, weeds are precisely the unnecessary
elements that are incompatible with the change of Times and the Wheel of Seasons. The role of
the Adept is to assist the Supreme Evil and to apply its plan, according to the specific Cycle / Time
/ Season. Spring makes the trees grow. But one must lay the seeds and choose fertile ground for
them. The Adept cannot make the trees grow - spring does it. The Adept only plants the seeds
(finding the Apprentice). In summer, the fruits (Sacred Knowledge) are already ripe, but someone
has to pick them, otherwise, they will not be utilized and will rot. This is the role of the Adept.
Also, the Adept cannot pluck the leaves of trees. This is done by autumn in a natural way - it
knocks down the excess and dry, but someone has to collect and clean the fallen leaves. And this
is again the Adept who serves the Supreme Evil. The Time is coming and when the Black Water
should flood the World - this is the snow with which winter covers the Earth and unifies everything.
Here the Adept serves the Supreme Evil by providing refuge for the Chosen. Even if we look
closely at the Seven Principles, we will see that they cover these Universal Seasons. First Principle

  • Be Flawless in finding the right seeds. Second Principle - do not sow anything unnecessary, do
    not water unnecessarily, do not fertilize unnecessarily. Third Principle - the plant drops a stem and
    thus comes out of the ground and makes contact with the Sun. Fourth Principle - works in the sown
    even if it has not yet sprouted and is not visible. Prepare from afar for the coming seasons, which
    are now invisible to people. Fifth Principle - take a position before the change occurs so that you
    can guide the process. Do not postpone your tasks, so as not to surprise you next season and catch
    you unprepared. Sixth Principle - be part of the transformation process and help it. Do not be
    against the transformation, so that the Wheel of the Proto-Elements does not destroy you. When
    "winter" comes and snow accumulates, don't let it darken your smile - if you have followed the
    Cycle correctly, you will live to see another spring.

In this way, the Adept is a conductor of the Supreme Evil - he casts the Signs of the Flame,
interprets them, and realizes them, according to the characteristics of the Cycle / Time / of the
Universal Seasons. It is these Cycles that largely determine the specifics of the Mission. The
Mission is part of the Plan of the Ancient Black Father, and this Plan is realized through the
Supreme Evil and the participation of the Adept. When the Adept applies the Supreme Evil, he
develops an ancient skill called Sharpness. Only Sharpness can make its way through the Supreme
Darkness. Only Sharpness gives you a Path to the Abyss. Only Sharpness finds the successors of
the Teachings.


The Teachings of the Black Brotherhood cannot and should not be believed. Faith is to explain to
the Bedouin how to relax his body in the sea so he does not sink. The Bedouin can't even imagine
what sea is... This is faith. The Bedouin can think and imagine what the sea is all his life, and one

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