The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

those who have the qualities to be receivers? This is not done by telling stories about the Flame.
The future Apprentice in Magic is a practitioner, not a philosopher. We can't wake him up by
telling stories. This is done through action. With personal examples, not empty words. The
teaching comes after the action. The lesson comes after the test. Then we can show certain methods
of the Teachings - the contemplation of the Sign, Formulas, and many others. And only when the
person begins to feel what is being done, to explain what is the origin and structure of these
techniques. How does a person of the world wake up for the Teachings? By giving him an answer
to a question he can't answer on his own and he didn't even ask it out loud in front of us, but we
sensed it. We have sensed what he is really looking for without sharing it with us. We found the
Hidden. Another method is to ask him a question that the person has never asked himself and show
him that the Flame is the Key to the answer. The future Apprentice and possible Magician, is also
distinguished by the fact that he is always looking for a change. He does not complain about how
unjust the World is, but always seeks a way to beat the system and find his place. The Apprentice
is uncompromising. If it doesn't work out one way, it will try another way, but he won't give up.
These are the types of people that are worth exploring in more depth and sharing your skills with
them. But let it be known that it is not we who make the choice, but the Flame itself through the
signs It sends us. Therefore, the Adept should maintain constant Awakeness.

In order to find an Apprentice, it doesn't matter that much whether the candidate really wants to
study the Art of Magic or not. What matters is whether there is an actual need for a new purpose
in life. Space to be filled. Whether there is a need for change. One might say that wants to learn
the Art of Magic, but in reality, he does not need it. He may be interested in Magic, but his life is
already full of something else, and then Magic will become entertainment for him, not a way of
life. Someone else may say that magic is an untruth, but he may really need it without knowing it
himself. Magic comes through the need to satisfy a real need, not a caprice. Therefore, when the
Magician chooses his Apprentice, he does not take into account so much what the candidate says
and what opinion he has, but judges based on the Necessity.

That is why it is very important to practice Magic techniques on the candidate in a secret way, to
see how he reacts internally to Magic. It is important also to summon the Flame and the Sign of
Power in the presence of the candidate, but in a hidden way - so we will see to what extent the
candidate interacts with the Sign and whether he could synchronize with the Power. The results of
these samples are always particularly indicative.


Finding Apprentices is a Magic Hunt. The Magician is the Hunter. The Magician must maintain a
constant high level of Energy, otherwise he will not have enough resources for his hunt and will
not withstand the reverse force. The basis from which the Hunter starts is Awakeness - he should
be able to capture all the energy impulses in the World around him and interpret them. To read the
Signs of the Spider Cobweb to know where to set his traps and where to hunt.
"The skillful Hunter always travels in a spiral outwards. This way he always knows what goes
behind him, what has crossed his way and where it went. When he wants to catch he tightens the
Spiral inwards. This way the object has nowhere to run, feeling surrounded and center. So the
point of capture is foreseen by the Hunter still from the Beginning."

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