The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1
Book of the Yellow Spider - The School of the Black Brotherhood: 14

Thus stated, the Hunter-Magician does not move along a line, because then he will have to choose
the direction of his hunt and will be close to some and far from others. Instead, he moves in spirals
outward, picking up signals from all over the Forest. When the Hunter detects an Object of
Intention, he traps it and tightens the grip in a spiral. What are the Objects of Intention for the
Hunter? He is looking for the awakened. Those who woke up and are now hungry. Being awake
means searching, ready to grow. Hunger means they have a need. They need change, a void in
their lives. A person who is completely satisfied with his life as he is, even though he may be
completely materialistic, or one who is not satisfied with his life, but only complains without the
intention to make a change, cannot become Apprentice. There is no gap to fill. Sometimes the
Adept sees a need that the Object itself has not seen yet. The Adept sees the orphan wasting his
time carelessly in the streets - The Adept knows that if the orphan does not learn a trade or craft,
he will not survive. He sees the young man having fun with friends - The Adept knows that the
young man will be taken into the army and if he is not taught the art of war, he will not survive the
war. In other words, the actions of the Adept must be Necessary in order to provide training. Many
who want to study the Art of Magic can come to the Adept, but it does not matter what they want
but what is needed. What place will Magic Art will find in their lives?
When the Magician seizes an Object, he does not let it go even at the cost of his own life, realizing
that this is his future successor and must protect him from the illusions of the World as a father
protects his son. And in this endeavor, the Magician is even willing to sacrifice his life for his
Apprentice, if the Mission so requires. The Hunter-Magician interweaves and enchants the Object
in different ways depending on the characteristics of the Object - in some he arouses pitty (if they
are those who like to help). Others he enchants with charm (if they seek beauty and elegance).
Others he confuses and give them the key to the way out of the disaster by becoming a savior for
them. With others, the Magician is dominant if they value power. He walks in the life of the Object
of his Intention like a hurricane and sweeps away all his notions of the World. In this way, the
Magician becomes the hidden foundation in the life of the Object. What the Object cannot live
without. Thus the Hunter-Magician makes contact that cannot be broken.
When the contact is made, the Hunter-Magician begins to tighten his grip in a spiral inward. This
means that he does not pursue the Object, does not force it. He acts patiently and in a roundabout
way. At first the Hunter-Magician alloweds to be noticed, after which the grip weakens. Thus the
Object does not run backwards, but arouses his curiosity and begins to circle around the Adept,
tightening the noose after each round. This means that the Adept does not explain anything in
detail. It's still too early for Magic Lessons. We still don't have an Apprentice, only a potential
Object. To strengthen the contact, the Adept uses few words and effective actions. The Adept looks
for activities in which he can teach the Object something new so that the Object can acquire new
skills. This puts the root of the Master-Disciple relationship. A special form of trust is developed.
Especially valuable are activities and trainings in things that could never be forgotten and remain
for a lifetime and so the memory for the Master never fades. Such activities are, for example,
teaching someone to ride a bicycle, how to swim. To teach him martial arts, to teach him to play a
musical instrument and to read the musical script, to teach him to speak a new language, to teach
him how to cook, to play certain games and any other skills and crafts.
These are all starting points for follow-up. They unite the participants and create a certain
dependency in the Object. The role of the Hunter at this stage is to integrate the Principles of the
Teachings and the Magic Rules in each of the listed activities. Thus the Principles invade the

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