The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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through his personal Flame. The personal Flame is, to some extent, man's idea of himself and the
world. Those who are similar have similar Flames as radiation. There is another way to move from
one Cobweb to another - from the Border Areas. Most Universes are attached to other similar
Universes, and if they have nothing in common as an entity, then their Flames are different or just
in some people the Flame is awakened and in others is not. But many Universes have points of
contact - interests, common activities, or topics for discussion. Points of contact along the line of
the mind - these are the Border Areas of two (or more) Universes that touch each other. Through
them, the Adept can enter a person's "home." And he is usually admitted voluntarily. This is the
case, for example, if the person facing the Adept is not awakened. This person has a flame
embedded in himself, at the Center of the Spiders Cobweb, but there is no spark, no burning. But one of his Border Areas is that he likes to play chess or practice martial arts. The Adept uses this Border Area, this far-field of the spider's Cobweb, to access mans Universe. Thus, when the Adept
understands and explores the humans Cobweb periphery, he begins a conversation about martial arts or chess (if we follow the above hypothetical examples). When the person relaxes and starts talking about the topic of interest to him, it is like saying to the Adept: “Here, I am opening the door of my home for you, come in! ” And the Adept steps in without waiting for another invitation and begins to jump from topic to topic; from interest to interest; from one area of the Cobweb to another. If he doesn't come in quickly, he'll miss the moment and the door will close. That is why the Adept must always be ready. There should be no unnecessary weight to slow him down. To be able to be just before the moment to jump and enter unmistakably. Then he is already in the Universe of man, in his Cobwebs periphery. Thus, man gradually shares more and more about
himself and his life: what he likes or not. Many more details about himself. (See The Art of
Strategy, Chapter Three - Reading). Thus the Adept gains the trust of the Object and moves to
locked areas, deep in the mind of the Object - the Center of the Spider's Cobweb, the Spider's
Heart. These areas are not inhabited by people with asleep flames. They always avoid it, because
of their fear of the unknown. These people could be easily recognized - Signs of this are people
who are constantly looking for company and do not like to be left alone because they are afraid
that they have nothing to say to themselves. People who complain that they are bored. People who
constantly want to prove themselves to others and for whom their own opinion and the opinion of
others is a guiding principle in life. Therefore, they inhabit the outermost areas of their own
Cobweb. When the Adept sneaks into the Cobweb of man, he rushes to the Center to awaken man`s
Flame, through his own Flame. This is done through Flawlessness and Principles - by setting a
personal example); through Strategies - Introducing man to situations in which he has to face his
own center and the Adept gives him the Keys; through Magic Art (The Adept through Magic
awakens the flame of man). Then the person wakes up from a long sleep and suddenly, begins to
realize new things. New ideas come to him. He begins to remember things he knew but forgot.
The most essential sign of awakening is the hunger for real knowledge, practical knowledge, and
not just nonsense, as it was before awakening. Man receives a new purpose. Or sometimes in early-
stage rather a strong desire, man has a longing for a purpose that has not yet crystallized. Then the
need arises for man to have a Master to guide him. What does the Adept do? The Adept applies
his Flame (which has the original image) to the Flame of man (the Center of the Cobweb of man,
and so his consciousness is cleared). When the two flames of the Adept and the man merge, the
Apprenticeship begins. Thus, through the merger, the Adept brings the Apprentice in his Cobweb,
through the portal of the Flame, and then the training actually begins. Then Man is already in the
Cobweb of the Adept. Man has been caught unaware, has been surprised, and without knowing he
stepped into a magical new world. The world of Apprenticeship. The world of Discipleship. Then

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