The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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not by the beauty. To realize her hidden Power. Then comes the transformation, then comes the
Power. When she accepts the Mission, it will give her a constant beauty and youth that everyone
will be able to feel unmistakable. The man must get rid of his role as a man, the role of "the iron",
which has dominated over the centuries if he wants to become an Apprentice. The man should
acquire the Approach and flexibility of Water. This will be the New World - the man will create
like the Water and the woman will rule.

“For many ages, women w ere suppressed and forced to perform a secondary role. But a New Era
has arrived. Woman is the Water that spills. The time has come again for women to get out of the
shadow of suppression and to take leadership, leading equally with men. Woman is Water. Water
is mildness. That’s why in the New Age, those who want to be a leader, regardlessly man or woman,
in addition to the activity and tirelessness which they must possess, they must also contain the
mildness of Water. Sharpness and mildness in One. Regardless of your gender, the Intention is in
each and every one of you.”

Book of the Chosen Ones - People: 11


Each Age has its heroes. Each Epoch has its beloved children. Until now, Time has tolerated war.
An Iron Era in nature. Some people still can't give up their iron nature and are about to be erased.
One last war is coming, but it will not be between people. People will be only one side of the
conflict. This will be a war that cannot be won by people with hitherto known methods of warfare.
Another approach is needed. Knowledge should be understood correctly, as it is the key to survival
in the New Age. Many people mistakenly think that in the New Age everything will be a struggle
for information. No. It will be a struggle for Sacred Knowledge. Men will find out that the
information will not save them - it will only give them the illusion of security. Only the Magical,
the Sacred experienced Knowledge will save man in the war that is approaching.

With the exit of the Times of Conflict, comes the New Time. New heroes. New Race. New
Language. New System. New Order. New Age. The Age of Magicians.



The New Age is coming. Time is tight. What used to take centuries to happen is now happening
in a matter of years. People consciously and others unconsciously looking for a change. They are
seeking how to adapt to the new world. Magic is synonymous with change. Many want to learn
the Art of Magic. Here should be said, this is not a path for many, but a few. For you, the one who
is constantly looking for the Hidden day and night. For you, I will make a rare Gift. I will give you
part of the Hidden. To shake hands, one must extend a hand first. Therefore, this first step will be

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