The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

mine. The second step must come from you. Here is the first Lesson on the Path to the Art of
Magic of the School of the Black Brotherhood.

People ask me about the Art Magic...

How to break a spell? With pure Flawless actions in Correctness.

How to enchant someone? With Unconditional Love.

How to do magic? With accurate Intention.

How to get rid of someone else's magical influence? Stop thinking like other people.

How to learn magic? Make it a part of your life.

How to distinguish Adepts-Magicians in the Art of Magic from other magicians and those
magicians from amateur charlatans? The amateur is obsessed, the magician is inspired. Adept-
Magician is an inspiration for others.

How to gain magic power? Do not reject anything, but transform it.

How to master these magic powers? Learn to keep a Secret.

How to perform a Ritual? Trace the purpose of the Ritual from before the beginning and after the

How to perform a Formula? Keep throwing out your mind until you are relieved of it and the
Formula occupies all parts of your consciousness.

How to choose the right words for your Spells? See the hidden numbers behind the letters.

How is the Magic Act performed? Perform it like your life depends on it.

When do you know that the Magic Act is realized? When time stops for you and you are
somewhere between dream and reality.

How to preserve the performed Magic Act? With purposeful Silence.

How to summon a magical creature? Accept that it has always been there, and now you just let the
creature to attend.

How to tame a magical creature to your will? Your Intention should be extremely clear and
focused. If your Intention has no clear direction and there is doubt, so will the magical assistant
will suffer imperfection. Therefore, act only when Necessary.

What is the family of Magic Art? Like all children, Magic Art has its parents. Its father is the
Teaching (Teachings of the Black Brotherhood), which gives it Principles and depth as a basis. Its
mother is the Strategy that guides it and ensures the distance of its travels. The true Art of Magic
is the one, who has both parents. If one is missing, the Magic Art is orphaned. If both "parents"
are missing, it already degenerates and creates magical orphans. Esoteric Knowledge is the
Brother, and Occult Science is the Sister of Magic Art. And although as brothers and sisters they
get together from time to time, the three have different Paths. Different Missions

How to become an Apprentice of Magic Art? Dedicate your whole life to it.

What qualities does the Apprentice need? Cool and controlled mind, a warm and unconditional
heart, and an unbreakable character, through which he can survive every day, without getting lost
or giving up.

How to find your magical name? First, you shall depersonalize all your known names and forget

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