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(Barré) #1

48206 - E26, 250W -

250V, medium
base Three ter-
minalturn knob
socket interior for
wiring bottom light.
Comes w/o insulator.

(^13) ⁄ 16 " mandrel. LEVI-
TON Brand. See wiring
diagram on p. H-
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48220 - E26, 660W - 250V, medium
base Keyless3-terminalsocket
interior for use with 3-Waybulbs.
Must be controlled with a separate
switch such as our #40402i,
40402N (page H-37). Comes w/o
insulator. LEVITONBrand. See
wiring diagram on p. H-
E26, 250W - 250V. Regular, medium base
ON-OFF turn knob socket interior with
short insulator. 2" mandrel is good for wiring
#2 cut-out burners.
48201 -^13 ⁄ 16 " mandrel - LEVITONBrand
48201C- 2" mandrel - Import

48204 - E26, 660W - 250V,

medium base Short Key-
lesssocket interior for
wiring chandeliers, sconces,
etc. Has no insulator.

48202 - E26, 660W -

250V Push-Thru
medium base socket in-
terior. Comes w/o insu-
lator. LEVITONBrand

48207 - E26, 250W -

250V, medium base
Turn knob socket for 3-
Waybulbs. Comes
w/o insulator. LEVI-

Medium base,Pull chain
socket interior with 5"
chain (Electrolier -Reg.
size). Comes w/o insulator.
48210 - On-Off
Pull Chain
E26, 660W - 250V

48216 - 3-Way
Pull Chain
E26, 250W - 250V
(Lo-Med.-Hi-Off )

48221 - E26, 250W - 250V,

medium base HI-LOW
Dimmer socketinterior
w/removable turn knob. Makes
a regular single filament light
bulb work like a 3-way with Hi, Lo, &
Off positions. Comes w/o insulator.
Mandrel threaded 6-32.

48130 - E26, 250W - 250V,

medium base On-Off
Pull Chainsocket inte-
rior for FAT BOYonly.
Pull-chain socket interior
fits Fat Boy socket shells
only. Requires use of our
#40327 insulator. U.L.
listed. Fits our #
cluster socket.

E26, 250W - 250V

Medium base turn knob socket
with 1/8F tap hickey, full paper
insulator and short mandrel.
48112 - For 3-Waybulbs

48111 - E26, 250W - 250V, medium
base 3-TerminalTurn Knobsocket
(for wiring bottom light) with 1/8F
hickey, full length paper insulator &
short mandrel. LEVITONBrand

48212 - E26,

250W - 250V

base, adjustable
height, On-OffTurn
Knobcandle socket.
Adjusts from 4" to
51 ⁄ 4 ". Comes w/short
insulator. LEVITON

48204L- Leviton brand
Full Keylessmedium
base E26 electrolier in-
terior, 660W-250V,

LEVITON Brand E-26 (Medium Base) Socket Interiors

& Fixture Sockets

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an explanation of
our product certifi-
cation marks.
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