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Modern Style Screw-Together Sockets

Nickel Plated

Satin Nickel

Antique Brass

Polished & Lacq.

Antique Bronze

Brass Shell, Premium U.L. Listed Lamp Sockets - Flat Key

On/Off Interior- Flat Key
47643A -Antique Brass
47643B -Antique Bronze
47643 -Polished & Lacq. Brass
47643N -Nickel Plated Brass

3-Way Interior- Flat Key
47644A -Antique Brass
47644B -Antique Bronze
47644 -Polished & Lacq. Brass
47644N -Nickel Plated Brass

Solid brass cap & shell, medium base E26 socket w/flat key & stamped brass body, 250W-250V.
With UNO thread, & W/SET SCREW

Antique Brass

Keyless Interior- On/Off
No UNO Thread
E-26, 1/8 IPS Cap, 660W-250V

47729A -Antique Brass
47729SN-Satin Nickel Finish
47729 -Brass Plated Finish
47729BK-Satin Black Finish

47730A -Antique Brass
47730SN-Satin Nickel Finish
47730 -Brass Plated Finish
47730BK-Satin Black Finish

On/Off Interior- (2-Way)
With UNO Thread & Ring

  • Will fit necklesspendant glass
    using two UNO rings
    E-26, 1/8 IPS Cap, 250W-250V
    47731A -Antique Brass
    47731SN-Satin Nickel Finish
    47731 -Brass Plated Finish
    47731BK-Satin Black Finish

3-Way Interior-
No UNO Thread
E-26, 1/8 IPS Cap, 250W-250V

47728A -Antique Brass
47728SN-Satin Nickel Finish
47728 -Brass Plated Finish
47728BK-Satin Black Finish

Die Cast UNO Rings for Modern Style Metal Lamp Sockets

Satin Black Finish
for #47730BK & #47731BK

Brass Plated Finish
for #47730 & #

Satin Nickel Finish
for #47730SN & #47731SN

Antique Brass
for #47730A & #47731A

40297A -Antique Brass
40297SN-Satin Nickel Finish
40297 -Brass Plated Finish
40297BK-Satin Black Finish

Unique styling and die cast aluminun shell & cap (w/set screw) make
these sockets sturdy, economical, & dependable!60 watt maximum in pendant application.

Die Cast Aluminum UNO ring for Modern
Style (E26) socket, 1^7 8 " O.D.,^3 8 " height

Satin Black

Brass Plated

Keyless Interior- On/Off
With UNO Thread & Ring

  • Will fit necklesspendant glass
    using two UNO rings
    E-26, 1/8 IPS Cap, 660W-250V

See page H-220 for
an explanation of
our product certifi-
cation marks. E26 = Edison Medium base thread screw shell socket and adaptors for use in North America

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