The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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This book, from its original conception to its final form, was in the making for
many years. But it was the last three that gave the book form. And this hap-
pened because Karen, my lifelong love and wife of forty-three years, made it
so. I wanted to do it, but she wanted it even more. She said it had to be done
for the children of the world. She cajoled, she pushed and she insisted that we
keep our nose to the grindstone. She read every word, those kept and those
discarded-some several times.
Most importantly, Karen first suggested that I work with Tom, the youngest
of our five children. His writing skills, his persistence in keeping integrity with
the message and his exceptionally quick learning of the subject matter made
the project possible. He wrote several chapters in this book himself and rewrote
many more, bringing clarity to my message.
And our other children (Nelson-and wife Kim, LeAnne, Keith, Dan)
and grandchildren (Whitney, Colin, Steven, Nelson, Laura) could not have
been more encouraging. Their love and support cannot be measured in mere
I also am indebted to another family of mine: my many undergraduate hon-
ors students, post-graduate doctoral students, post-doctoral research associates
and my fellow professorial colleagues who worked in my research group and
who were the gems of my career. Regretfully, I could only cite in this book a
small sample of their findings, but far, far more could have been included.
Yet more friends, associates and family contributed mightily, through their
meticulous reading of various versions of the manuscript and their detailed feed-
back. Alphabetically, they included Nelson Campbell, Ron Campbell, Kent Car-
roll, Antonia Demas, Mark Epstein, John and Martha Ferger, Kimberly Kathan,
Doug Lisle, John Robbins, Paul Sontrop and Glenn Yeffeth. Advice, support and
generous help also came in many other forms from Neal Barnard, Jodi Blanco,
Junshi Chen, Robert Goodland, Michael Jacobson, Ted Lange, Howard Lyman,

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