The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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Bob Mecoy, John Allen Mollenhauer, Jeff Nelson, Sushma Palmer, Jeff Prince,
Frank Rhodes, Bob Richardson and Kathy Ward.
Of course, I am grateful to all those at BenBella Books, including Glenn Yef-
feth, Shanna Caughey, Meghan Kuckelman, Laura Watkins and Leah Wilson
for turning a messy Word document into the book you now have. In addition,
Kent Carroll added professionalism, understanding and a clear vision with his
valuable editing work.
The heart of this book is the China Study itself. It was not the whole story,
of course, but it was the "tipping point" in the development of my ideas. The
actual study in China could not have happened without the extraordinary lead-
ership and dedicated hard work of Junshi Chen and Li Junyao in Beijing, Sir
Richard Peto and Jillian Boreham at the University of Oxford in England, and
Linda Youngman, Martin Root and Banoo Parpia in my own group at Cornell.
Dr. Chen directed more than 200 professional workers as they carried out the
nationwide study in China. His professional and personal characteristics have
been an inspiration to me; it is his kind of work and persona that makes this
world a better place.
Similarly, Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., and John McDougall (and Ann and
Mary, respectively) generously agreed to participate in this book. Their dedica-
tion and courage are inspiring.
All of this was possible, of course, because of the exceptional start given to
me by my parents, Tom and Betty Campbell, to whom this book is dedicated.
Their love and dedication created for me and my Siblings more opportunities
than they ever dreamed of having.
I must also credit my colleagues who have worked to discredit my ideas and,
not infrequently, me personally. They inspire in a different way. They compel
me to ask why there is so much unnecessary hostility to ideas that should be
part of the scientific debate. In searching for answers, I have gained a wiser,
more unique perspective that I could not have considered otherwise.
Lastly, I must thank you, the taxpaying American public. You funded my
work for more than four decades, and I hope that in telling you the lessons I've
learned, I can begin to repay my debt to you.

  • T. Colin Campbell

In addition to all those listed previously, I acknowledge my parents. My in-
volvement in this book was, and still is, a gift from them I shall cherish for the
rest of my life. Words cannot describe my good fortune in having parents who
are such wonderful teachers, supporters and motivators.
Also, Kimberly Kathan provided support, advice, companionship and pas-
sion for this project. She made the lows bearable and the highs exceptional in
this great roller coaster of an adventure.
-Thomas M. Campbell, II

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