The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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Because of our parallel paths, I feel connected to Colin's story. We
started on the farm, learning independence, honesty and integrity in
small communities, and went on to become established in mainstream
careers. Although we both had success (I still remember the first seven-
figure check I wrote for my massive cattle operation in Montana), we
came to realize that the system we lived in could use some improve-
ments. Challenging the system that provided us with such rewards has
demanded an iron will and steadfast integrity. Colin has both, and this
book is a brilliant capstone to a long and dignified career. We would do
well to learn from Colin, who has reached the top of his profession and
then had the courage to reach even higher by demanding change.
Whether you have interest in your personal health or in the wretched
state of health in the United States, this book will richly reward you.
Read it carefully, absorb its information and apply it to your life.

-Howard Lyman, author of Mad Cowboy
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