The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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You can acquiesce to all this, you can succumb to the junk food sellers,
or you can find a healthier and more life-affirming relationship with your
body and the food you eat. If you want to live with radiant health, lean and
clear and alive in your body; you'll need an ally in today's environment.
Fortunately, you have in your hand just such an ally. T. Colin
Campbell, Ph.D., is widely recognized as a brilliant scholar, a dedi-
cated researcher and a great humanitarian. Having had the pleasure and
privilege to be his friend, I can attest to all of that, and I can also add
something else. He is also a man of humility and human depth, a man
whose love for others gUides his every step.
Dr. Campbell's new book-The China Study-is a great ray of light in
the darkness of our times, illuminating the landscape and the realities of
diet and health so clearly, so fully, that you need never again fall prey to
those who profit from keeping you misinformed, confused and obedi-
ently eating the foods they sell.
One of the many things I appreciate about this book is that Dr. Campbell
doesn't just give you his conclusions. He doesn't preach from on high, tell-
ing what you should and shouldn't eat, as if you were a child. Instead, like
a good and trusted friend who happens to have learned, discovered and
done more in his life than most of us could ever imagine, he gently; clearly
and skillfully gives you the information and data you need to fully under-
stand what's involved in diet and health today. He empowers you to make
informed choices. Sure, he makes recommendations and suggestions, and
terrific ones at that. But he always shows you how he has arrived at his con-
clusions. The data and the truth are what are important. His only agenda is
to help you live as informed and healthy a life as possible.
I've read The China Study twice already, and each time I've learned
an immense amount. This is a brave and wise book. The China Study is
extraordinarily helpful, superbly written and profoundly important. Dr.
Campbell's work is revolutionary in its implications and spectacular in
its clarity.
If you want to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast and then take cho-
lesterol-lowering medication, that's your right. But if you want to truly
take charge of your health, read The China Study, and do it soon! If you
heed the counsel of this outstanding guide, your body will thank you
every day for the rest of your life.

-John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, Reclaiming Our
Health and The Food Revolution

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