The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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enter into patent and royalty arrangements, agree to be the listed
authors of articles ghostwritten by interested companies, promote
drugs and devices at company-sponsored symposiums and allow
themselves to be plied with expensive gifts and trips to luxurious
settings. Many also have equity interest in the companies.

Dr. Angell goes on to say that these financial associations often sig-
nificantly "bias research, both the kind of work that is done and the way
it is reported."
Even more dangerous than the threat of fraudulent findings is the
fact that the only type of research that is funded and recognized is
research on drugs. Research on the causes of disease and non-drug
interventions simply doesn't occur in medical education settings. For
example, academic researchers may be furiously trying to find a pill
that will treat the symptoms of obesity, but not be devoting any time
or money to teaching people how to live a healthier life. Dr. Angell
writes^15 :

In terms of education, medical students and house officers, under
the constant tutelage of industry representatives, learn to rely on
drugs and devices more than they probably should [my emphasis].
As the critics of medicine so often charge, young physicians learn
that for every problem, there is a pill [my emphasis] (and a drug
company representative to explain it). They also become accus-
tomed to receiving gifts and favors from an industry that uses
these courtesies to influence their continuing education. The aca-
demic medical centers, in allowing themselves to become research
outposts for industry, contribute to the overemphasis on drugs and

In this environment, is it possible for nutrition to be given fair and
honest consideration? Despite the fact that our leading killers can be
prevented and even reversed using good nutrition, will you ever hear
about it from your doctor? Not as long as this environment persists in
our medical schools and hospitals. Not unless your doctor has decided
that standard medical practice as it is taught does not work, and decides
to spend a Significant amount of time educating himself or herself about
good nutrition. This takes a rare individual.
The situation has gotten so bad that Dr. John McDougall said, "I
don't know what to believe anymore. When I read a paper that says I

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