The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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Ess hasn't talked to either of these doctors since, but he still has hope
that he can change their minds as more and more research supports
what he has been saying. Meanwhile, many people at the Clinic are still
excited about Ess's work. Many of them want to see a wider application
of his program, but the powers that be will not let it happen. They get
frustrated, and Ess is frustrated because the current program in preven-
tive cardiology is a disaster:

They still eat meat, they still eat dairy, and they don't have any
cholesterol goal. It's all just so vague. Preventive cardiology takes
great pride when they are able to slow the rate of progression of
this disease. This isn't cancer for God's sake!
An interesting situation is now developing: just as with Dr. McDou-
gall, many of the Clinic "bigwigs" with heart disease have themselves
gone to Esselstyn for treatment and lifestyle counseling. They know it
works, and they seek out the program on their own. As Ess says, this
could be developing into a very interesting crisis:

1 have now treated a number of senior staff with coronary disease
at the Clinic-senior staff physicians. I have also treated a number
of senior staff trustees. One of the trustees knows about the frustra-
tions that we've had trying to get this into the Clinic, and he says,
"I think, if the word gets out that Esselstyn has this treatment that
arrests and reverses this disease at the Cleveland Clinic, and it's been
used by senior staff and he's treated senior trustees, but he's not per-
mitted to treat the common herd, we could be open for a lawsuit."

For the time being, Ess, with his wife's help, will continue to run
counseling sessions out of his own home because the institution to
which he gave the greater part of his life does not want to endorse a
dietary approach that competes with its standard menu of pills and
procedures. This past summer Ess spent much more time than usual
at his upstate New York farm, making hay. As much as Ess likes a more
relaxed life, he would also love to continue to help diseased people get
better with the aid of the Cleveland Clinic. But they won't allow him
to. As far as I am concerned, this is nothing short of criminal. We, the
public, turn to doctors and hospitals in times of great need. For them
to provide care that is knOwingly less than optimal, that doesn't protect
our health, doesn't heal our disease and costs us tens of thousands of
dollars is morally inexcusable. Ess sums up the situation:

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