The China Study by Thomas Campbell

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The "Vitamin" D Connection

THE MOST IMPRESSIVE EVIDENCE favoring plant-based diets is the way that
so many food factors and biological events are integrated to maximize
health and minimize disease. Although the biological processes are ex-
ceptionally complex, these factors still work together as a beautifully
choreographed, self-correcting network. It is exceptionally impressive,
especially the coordination and control of this network.
Perhaps a couple of analogies might help to illustrate such a process.
Flocks of birds in flight or schools of fish darting about are able to shift
direction in a microsecond without bumping into each other. They
seem to have a collective consciousness that knows where they are go-
ing and when they will rest. Colonies of ants and swarms of bees also
integrate varying labor chores with great proficiency: But as amazing
as these animal activities are, have you ever thought about how their
behaviors are coordinated with such finesse? I see these same charac-
teristics, and more, in the way that the countless factors of plant-based
foods work their magic to create health at all levels within our body,
among our organs and between our cells and among the enzymes and
other sub-cellular particles within our cells.
For those unfamiliar with biomedical research laboratories, the walls
of these labs are often covered with large posters showing thousands of
biochemical reactions operating within our bodies. These are reactions
that are known; far more remain to be discovered. The interdependence
of these reactions with each other is especially informative, even awe-
some in its implications.

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