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ABOVE Sue Jelley,Mardi Gras – Cuba,acrylic on canvas,80x100cm``````INSPIRING NEW ARTWORKS, STRAIGHT OFF THE EASEL``````no means an accident, “it was there waiting for me – Idecided to ‘zoom’ in rather than have a pleasant littlegathering of maybe more figures and detailed background,”she says. In the end, she let the heat of the Cadmium Redtake over the image, allowing one figure to blend into thenext as they move.The painting will be on display this at this year’s Societyof Women Artists exhibition. As well as being an SWAmember, Sue is also the society’s president, a role shewears with a tangible pride. “We are a modern traditionand proud to celebrate the work of female artists past andpresent. Diversity is our strength and as long as wecontinue to push the boundaries, we see ourselves as animportant part of the art scene today.”The Society of Women Artists exhibition will run from 28 July to7 August at Mall Galleries, London SW1. >``````SUE JELLEYSue Jelley’s works are always moving. In herpainting, Mardi Gras – Cuba, the viewer is not privy toa single facial expression, but we still feel the energy ofthe subjects as they dance with their backs to us, theirtraditional Cuban dresses swaying with the music.In the past, Sue has been commissioned to producejazz-themed paintings for the BBC, and a sense ofmusicality often finds its way onto her canvases.In Cuba, the idea of Mardi Gras is open tointerpretation, being a New Orleans-style carnival for some,and a religious celebration for others. “I am interested inmovement and in all my ‘dance’ works try to understandthe background to any special event. Mardi Gras is acelebration so you don’t have to look far for inspiration inthe streets themselves,” explains Sue.The fluid composition, though speedily devised, was bytop tipAllowing one colour todominate your canvascan be a positive.Here, Sue choseCadmium Red``````Artists & Illustrators 1312 Fresh Paint.indd 13 08/06/2016 18:

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