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exhibitions``````ABOVE Still Life withGlass Under the Lamp,1962, linoleum cut,53x64cmArtists & Illustrators 7SummerBlockbustersTHIS SEASON IS JAM-PACKED WITH UNMISSABLE ART EXHIBITIONS, SO MAKESOME TIME TO GET INSPIRED OVER THE HOLIDAYS``````build up an image and create the finished article. Thisdispensed with the need to cut a separate block for eachcolour, instead, printing from a single block. Thetechnique saved huge amounts of time, but alsopresented tremendous challenges.It required that the artist be able to visualise thecompleted image at an early stage, and made itimpossible to reverse any mistakes made during thecutting process. The collection features 17 largelinocut prints, displayed for the first time outside theBritish Museum.Picasso Linocuts runs from 24 June to 8 January 2017 at theLady Lever Art Gallery, CH62.``````Picasso Linocuts from the British MuseumLinocuts form a fairly small part of Picasso’s work as aprintmaker, however some of his most outstandingcompositions were produced using this method in a shortburst of activity between 1958 and 1963.It was a combination of moving too far away from theprintmakers who produced his etching and lithographsand curiosity, which drove him, at 78, to experimentfurther with the technique. The show will include the‘Jacqueline Reading’ series, depicting his wife and muse.The prints capture the process of linocutting that Picassodeveloped, which involved cutting, printing and cleaningjust one piece of lino over and over again to gradually``````STILL LIFE UNDER THE LAMP. © SUCCESSION PICASSO/DACS, LONDON 20167 Exhibitions.indd 7 08/06/2016 17:

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