Introduction to SAT II Physics

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general guideline. It’s a good idea to call the schools that interest you or talk to a guidance
counselor to get a more precise idea of what score you should be shooting for.
Test Average Score

Writing 590–

Literature 590–

American History 580–

World History 570–

Math IC 580–

Math IIC 655–6 65

Biology E&M 590–

Chemistry 605–

Physics 635–

As you decide which test to take, be realistic with yourself. Don’t just assume you’re going
to do great without at least taking a practice test and seeing where you stand.

When to Take an SAT II Subject Test

The best time to take an SAT II Subject Test is right after you’ve finished a year-long class
in that subject. If, for example, you take Chemistry in eleventh grade, then you should
take the SAT II Chemistry near the end of that year, when the material is still fresh in
your mind. (This rule does not apply for the Writing, Literature, and Foreign Language
SAT II tests; it’s best to take those after you’ve had as much study in the area as possible.)
Unless the colleges you’re applying to use the SAT II for placement purposes, there is no
point in taking any SAT II tests after November of your senior year, since you won’t get
your scores back from ETS until after the college application deadline has passed.
ETS usually sets testing dates for SAT II Subject Tests in October, November, December,
January, May, and June. However, not every subject test is administered in each of these
months. To check when the test you want to take is being offered, visit the College Board
Web site at or do some research in your school’s guidance office.

Registering for SAT II Tests

To register for the SAT II test(s) of your choice, you have to fill out some forms and pay a
registration fee. We know, we know—it’s ridiculous that you have to pay for a test that
colleges require you to take in order to make their jobs easier, but, sadly, there isn’t
anything we, or you, can do about it. (It’s acceptable here to grumble about the unfairness
of the world.)

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