Biology and Marine Biology

(Axel Boer) #1

students, in organization
(95%), mastery of research
(90%), ability to field
questions from the
audience (90%) and
professional poise (90%).
SLO 4: A graduate student
should be able to write up
his or her research in the
form of a manuscript for
publication in a scientific
journal. Link to UNCW
Learning Goal: thoughtful
expression, information
literacy, critical thinking,

Thesis is successfully
completed. The student’s
committee evaluates the
quality of the thesis with a

Each student in the program
is assessed by each of
his/her committee
members. Data on the
quality of the writing,
mastery of the research,
and likelihood of being
published in a peer-review
journal are collected.
Department moved to
online forms in 2010- 2011
to improve faculty

Student performance on
this SLO was a bit lower
than last year. In 2012- 2013
we had 9 respondent.
Faculty judged student
performance on thesis
quality at 78%, mastery of
research at 77%, and
likelihood of publication at
78%. However, 89-100% of
cases had students
performing at adequate
(level 3) or higher. In 2011-
2012 we had 22
respondents. Faculty
judged student
performance to be
acceptable, with thesis
quality at 86%, mastery of
research at 82%, and
likelihood of publication at
91%. For 2010-2011 (n=19),
faculty determined that
students were performing
well on this SLO, in thesis
quality (95%), mastery of
research (89%), and
likelihood of the data being
published (100%).

Performance on this SLO is
lower than last year,
although still very much
adequate (>89% at 3 or
above). The faculty
discussed the results of
assessment to date at the
2013 retreat and decided to
continue to monitor
performance for another
year before deciding if there
is a trend over time.
Action Item: Continue
collecting data as
prescribed by the approved
SLO assessments.
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