Biology and Marine Biology

(Axel Boer) #1

Learning Goal: thoughtful
expression, information
literacy, critical thinking,

and likelihood of being
published in a peer-review
journal are collected.
Department moved to
online forms in 2010- 2011
to improve faculty

were assessed at levels 4 or
5 in 80-86% of all cases. In
2011 - 2012, thesis quality
was judged at 78% (fraction
of students performing at
level 4 or above), mastery of
research was 67%, and
likelihood of publication was
78% [n=9 respondents]. No
data were available for
2010 - 2011. In 2009, faculty
judged thesis quality as
quite good, with 88% of
students at level 4 or 5 in
thesis quality, 90% for
mastery of research, and
83% for likelihood of

2013 retreat and decided
that our students are
meeting our expectations in
this SLO, matching the
acceptable performance of
previous years, and that no
action will be taken.
Action Item: Continue
collecting data as
prescribed by the approved
SLO assessments.
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