Biology and Marine Biology

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provide faculty members with adequate time to devote to these pursuits. Because we take very seriously
our undergraduate teaching mission, faculty workloads are relatively heavy for a department with such a
sustained high level of extramural funding and research productivity. In fact, our department initiated the
Ph.D. program with no change to our faculty workloads, and we have experienced a near doubling of
undergraduate majors with no additional support. We must find creative ways in which to make workloads
manageable to support the graduate programs while meeting our teaching responsibilities. There are a
number of potential strategies to help better manage workloads, including increasing release time, hiring
more faculty, and increasing the administrative support staff.
Fourth, and most importantly, the program requires more permanent staff for instrumentation
operation, maintenance, and student training. Currently, only a single full-time departmental staff member
falls under this category, and the duties he performs are invaluable to the success of the graduate program.
Additional technical personnel would further enhance graduate student research by providing expertise and
training for the sophisticated instrumentation that is increasingly playing a central role in graduate thesis
projects. There is a clear need for growth in the area of technical support for the Department.



Name Rank Hired Deg.

Institution Research interest

Arbogast, Brian Assoc. 2008 Ph.D.

Wake Forest

Vertebrate Conservation

Baden, Daniel G. Prof. 1998 Ph.D. Univ. of Miami

Toxic marine algae,

Bailey, J. Craig Assoc. 1999 Ph.D.

Louisiana St.

Molecular phylogeny,

Ballard, Timothy Assoc. 1984 Ph.D.

Wake Forest

Human and comparative

Borrett, Stuart R. Assoc. 2007 Ph.D.

Univ. of

Quantitative ecology,

Brander, Susanne Assist. 2013 Ph.D. U. Cal. Davis Toxicology & Pharmacology
Cahoon, Lawrence Prof. 1982 Ph.D. Duke Univ. Biological oceanography

Condon, Robert Assist. 2014 Ph.D. V.I.M.S. Biological oceanography

Covi, Joseph Assist. 2012 Ph.D. L.S.U.

Integrative and Comparative

Dodd, Diane Assist. 1985 Ph.D. Yale Univ. Genetics

Durako, Michael Prof. 1997 Ph.D.

University of S.
Florida Coastal plant biology

Emslie, Steven D. Prof. 1998 Ph.D. Univ. of Florida Ornithology, paleobiology

Erwin, Patrick Assist. 2013 Ph.D.

Univ. Ala.
Birm. Microbiology

Finelli, Christopher Assoc. 2006 Ph.D.

Univ. of S.
Carolina Biological oceanography

Frampton, Arthur Assist. 2008 Ph.D.

Tennessee Cell Biology
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