The Utopian Communist: A Biography of Wilhelm Weitling

(Barré) #1

remaining papers of his father available to me and answered all
my questions about those personal details which are so important
in any biographical study.
I also have received aid and suggestions from my friends and
colleagues, Dr. Ernst Feise of The Johns Hopkins University,
Dr. Ferdinand Schevill of Chicago, and Dr. Traugott Böhme of
Berlin. G. W. Hunt of Guttenberg, Iowa, and H. L. Meyer of
Elkader, Iowa, have furnished data which helped me to unravel
some of the confusion which surrounds the closing days of the
Communia colony. I also am indebted to the library staffs of
Western Reserve Historical Society, Western Reserve Univer­
sity, the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, the Wis­
consin Historical Society, the Oberlin College Library and the
library of Belleville, Illinois.
Some of the material contained in this volume has appeared
earlier in the form of two articles, "Wilhelm Weitling's Literary
Efforts," in Monatshefte (Madison, Wisconsin), XL (February,
1948), No. 2, pp. 63-68; and "Marx and Weitling," in Essays
in Political Theory, Presented to George H. Sabine (Ithaca,
1948), 179-93.


Cleveland, Ohio
March 1, 1949

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