The Utopian Communist: A Biography of Wilhelm Weitling

(Barré) #1


                       - I. A Child of War Preface V
- II. Paris, the Crucible of Revolution
- III. Carrying the Torch to Switzerland
- IV. Weitling's "System"
- V. A Martyr's Crown
- VI. A London Interlude
- VII. Weitling and Marx

  • VIII. The German Revolution of 1848-49

    • IX. A Radical Journalist in America

      • X. On Tour for the Cause

    • XI. The Workingmen's League

    • XII. Banks, Co-operatives, and Railroads

    • XIII. Communia, Iowa

  • XIV. Farewell to Reform

    • XV. New Frontiers

  • XVI. Closing Years

    • Bibliographical Note

    • Index

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