Joel Fuhrman - Eat To Live

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I couldn't play with my children; my fatigue was unbearable. I was be-
coming sicker and sicker and then I heard Dr. Fuhrman speak. I've lost
sixty pounds, going from a size 22-plus to a size 8 and have remained
at 1 25 pounds for three years. Dr. Fuhrman saved my life. My three
teenage sons and my daughter witnessed the results I've attained and
they all have adopted his plan, receiving dramatic health improvements
as well. No more allergies and digestive problems.

— Lynne Bush

I thank my daughter Geri for insisting I go see Dr. Fuhrman. She said if
anyone can help you, it's him. Well, she was right. After twenty-five
years of taking insulin, I was off it completely in a few days. I was a
great patient and did exactly as Dr. Fuhrman said, and it was well worth
it. After losing sixty-five pounds, I have been medication-free for two
years. I owe it all to him.

— Gerardo Petito


et me tell you about a typical day in my private practice. I'll see
anywhere from two to five new patients like Rosalee. When Rosa-
lee first walked through my door, she weighed 215 pounds and was
on two medications (Glucophage and Glucotrol) to control her dia-
betes, as well as two more (Accupril and Maxide) to control her high
blood pressure. She'd tried every diet on the market and exercised
but still couldn't manage to lose the weight she wanted to. She came
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